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Monday, October 4, 2010

Mommy/Daddy Help for Slim Kids

Has anyone tried these?

Dapper Snappers...not so sure about the name, but I like the concept.

My kids are so slender that their pants fall right off them. 

Now that they've entered the "noody" stage, I'd like to make it as difficult as possible to invoke their right to be "noody" where ever they please (e.g. preschool, the grocery store, storytime, etc.).

That being said, I know that potty training is not far off for us and would also like them to be able to invoke their right to "peepee on the potty" without wrestling a belt off.  Somehow, I think that said wrestling would not only be a distraction, but a reason to avoid potty training altogether.

Thoughts?  Experiences?  Products that you have found helpful?

Snooze Button

We've all wanted a snooze button for our kids, right?

Just something to give us a few extra minutes of sleep or alone time or peace and quiet, right?

I think I may have come up with something.

I'm feeling pretty awesome about myself right about now.

Before the Crazies were born, we purchased a night light.
We've been using it since they were teeny tiny little infants.  They probably never really noticed it at that point, but it made me feel better.  It also provided a little bit of light when I was desperately searching their dresser for a bink at 3:30 AM.

Recently, we had to purchase another one because the fights about what color was going to be used at naptime and bedtime were sending me over the edge.

So, we purchased this one and it came last week.


If they wake up too early in the morning and I'm busy downstairs blogging cleaning the living room and getting my caffeine fix preparing a nice hot breakfast, I can simply limp walk up the stairs, hand each one a night light and leave the room. 

Note to CPS:  I would only do this because it's fucking raining again and I'm trying to avoid the day I have a lot of housework to complete.  Not because I am ignoring my children.

Once I leave, I return downstairs to listen to them happily name the colors, encourage each other to change the colors, talk lovingly to their night light, and laugh at the antics of their inanimate night light.

Not only is that adorable, but it gives me a few (20) extra minutes to finish my "chores!!!"


My own little snooze it!