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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Arthroscopic Lateral Release Surgery - Five Weeks In...

Yup...we're over a month from surgery at this point.  I can't believe this has had me out of commission for so long!  I want my life back...I want my clothes back...I want my cute little confident walk back...I want my heels back! 

Okay, enough of the "poor me" crap...let's get down to the stats.

I'm bending to 110 degrees.  I was 79-80 degrees on my first session, I think.  She wants me at 120 before I see the doctor on Monday, but I'm just not sure if we're going to make it.  As it is, my legs feels like it's breaking when I bend it in half.  I can get it straight right now, but I am having a really hard time contracting my quad muscle.  I used to be so strong!!!  

They put these little electrocuting pads on my legs at the end of each session which basically sends electric shocks to my muscles forcing it to contract.  It's seriously my favorite part of each session.  They turn it up each visit and I am silently loving the pain.  Maybe because I know it's helping me get better.  I'm still working the bike too...big stuff with my full rotations and everything.

The only pain I am really having is when I bend my leg.  I know I need to continue to do this though because I learned something this week.  If I allow scar tissue to build up, I may become a candidate for M.U.A.  That stands for Manipulation Under Anesthesia.  That means that they knock you out, and bend your leg like crazy until the scar tissue breaks up.  They manually bend your leg in directions that it hasn't seen for months to break up your scar tissue.  Apparently it hurts like Hell and is something that I don't want any part of.  

I still have a good amount of nerve damage in the area that house my knee cap for those fateful 10 minutes, but that's to be expected and will disappear quicker than my sciatica damage.  Yes, my sciatica damage is still around...2 years later.

Still sporting the Sue Sylvester look around here!  I am so sick of sneakers and workout pants, but when my activities simply include dropping the Crazies at school, PT, lunch, PT exercises, dinner, PT exercises, I don't really see much of a reason to push it.  I'm either cooking, cleaning, or sitting on the floor doing exercises.
We are going to a Fall Party for Husband's office this weekend.  While I don't think I will be leaving the Big Black (my brace which the Crazies dutifull call Big Black now) at home, I am hoping to sport a pair of jeans (God willing they still fit) and a cute pair of sneakers (is it too much to wish for flats?).  Maybe a that too much to ask???

The Crazies are doing well.  I am so sick of taking them down the stairs one at a time and one step at the time.  It's exhausting!!!  My marriage is starting to get back to normal (i.e. I don't cringe like an idiot every time Husband comes near me).  Dog still scares the crap out of me as she can be unpredictable.  I took her out the other night and had visions of me walking her at some point in the future.  Scares the crap out of me.