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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Yes, we've hit the noody stage around here.

Crazies are pulling their clothes off at any given moment.

It's hysterical to watch them pull their pants off seems like such an easy action, but not for them.  They're always getting their diaper involved and no one wants that!!!

Matt keeps getting himself noody in his crib and Hailey keeps getting herself twisted up like a pretzel trying to get her shirt off.

So, we were at BJ's the other day and the clerk who was checking us out must have gotten warm.  He removed his work vest and started to take his sweatshirt off when Matt starts screaming:

Guy!!!  NOODY!!  Guy is getting NOODY!!!  NO NOODY, GUY!!!  NOODY!!!!! was hysterical.  The poor kid was embarrassed (as only teenagers can be) and I was laughing my ass off.  Poor Husband had to maintain composure for the entire family, pay, and cart our asses out of the store.  Matt continued to scream and Hailey just pointed and laughed.  God, what a spectacle we made.

I'm just so afraid they're going to start getting noody at school!