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Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

These weeks are seriously getting away from me.  Everything is moving too quickly!!!

  • All I seem to do is P.T., kids, tutor, and P.T.  It's taking over my life.
  • We took the Crazies out to dinner tonight and things were pretty good.  It's so cute to watch them try to use chopsticks.  Note to self:  Get the Crazies those cute little kid chopsticks thingies.

  • I will never understand why men link their mood so directly to a sports team...never.
  • I'm getting old.  For the first time EVER, I wondered how old Therapist was and whether or not I should go with someone with more experience.  Ageism at its best, huh?  Don't get me wrong...she's great and knows what she's doing, but she's so young!!! 
  • Taking the Crazies to a farm this weekend for Husband's work event.  I doubt that I'll be trudging through any pumpkin patches or jumping on any hayrides, but I am going to try to take lots of pictures...with a huge zoom lens b/c I will not be near that action.
  • I'm slowly learning that when I need to be somewhere at a certain time, I need to start building in "I do it" time.  These Crazies are VERY independent these days.
  • Hailey is a crazy biter lately.  We're thinking of making her the vampire and Matt the witch this year!  Then at least her teeth will be fake and will stop leaving marks!  YIKES!!!
  • Has anyone ever bit their child back?  This was recommended by a friend who has 4 kids (shoot me now) and I'm wondering if it works.
  • Lies, lies, and more lies...they're lying too.  Maybe they think I "CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!"

  • I got the Crazies cute Halloween placemats, but they're NOT nonskid and I'm ready to throw them away.  It's like they're magical flying disks that can also propel their plates/sippy cups across the table.  The only cute part about them is that they will hide them in front of their faces while Skyping with G.G. and play peek-a-boo.  It's hysterical b/c they're huge pumpkins, so it looks like my kids have PumpkinHeads!

  • Danifred, I hope things settle down in your homestead...sounds like a crazy week!!!  Still, with everything you had going on, you were able to drag your ass to the computer and do rock!!!

Am I Never To Sleep Again?

I went to bed early last night.

By "early," I mean I didn't watch Private Practice...although I really wanted to.

I read for a little bit, but the light was definitely off before 10:30.

Rarity...I'm a nightowl.

Dog starts huffing and puffing at something.
I stick my head down the stairs and give a determined, "Shhhh..."  That should do the trick.  Back to bed.

I quickly fall into a slumber b/c I am dead ass tired from my solo trip to Ta.rget yesterday.  Big stuff around here...

Matthew starts crying.  Husband doesn't move...he's tired too.

I get up, work the cramp out of my calf, and limp to Matt's bed.  Why is he crying?  No reason...he's just laying on his stomach crying.  Maybe he had a bad dream.  I grab another piece of baby crack bink, shove it in his mouth, and limp back to bed.

Something stabs me in the foot.

WTF is that???

A fucking feather had come out of the pillow I used for Knee and was literally stabbing me in the foot.

Reach down and grab that fucker without dislocating Knee.

Success...back to sleep.

What???  Why do I have heartburn?  I haven't eaten since 5:40 (unless you count the 6 mini candy bars I had on the drive to and from tutoring and the four hearts of palm...and the glass of wine...oh shit.  Can wine give you heartburn?  I am not going through this shit every night!!!)

Okay, for real...back to sleep.

WTF is that???

Husband's cell phone is buzzing for no good reason.  Must have been "a something really important like he won the Nobel Peace Prize or WWIII is starting score update"...he mumbles.

Spends the next 3-4 minutes trying to figure out how to reset the phone to "don't fucking wake me up again" mode while I silently plot ways to kill him.

What can I say?  I'm sleep deprived and 3-4 minutes in the middle of the night seems like a long damn time!

"The OS system is shit on these phones."  Yes, that's what I want to talk about right now...the OS system.  Turn it off!!!!

Back to sleep. feels so good.

Oh, damn...Hailey is crying.


I can honestly say that Husband was quicker on this one than I was...WINNER!!!

Back to sleep.

6:00 AM...alarm goes off.  Husband doesn't move.  I have to get out of bed and get in the shower b/c I have P.T. in the pool this morning and we all know what that means.  I thought bathing suit season was over...not for me.  OMG and it's at 8:30, so I don't have a lot of wiggle room.

I take Big Black off (my brace) and slide my way to the floor (whose idea was it to get two short people a really high bed again?).  

Husband says, "what are you doing?  What time is it?"  

And Friday starts...I am never going to sleep again, am I?