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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who the Hell is Glenn Campbell?

So, we got to the airport on time (miracle).

Dealt with bags that were over the weight annoying.  Why do they charge my bags for being overweight, but they wouldn't charge a person for being overweight?  That's bag-ism.

Got through security with only one major breakdown (i.e. Mommy becomes a huge frizzy sweaty mess) from Hailey.

Got on the plane.

Got through the trip (no naps, repeated requests to "get off the plane," and lots of distractions).

We finally arrive in Orlando (warm, sunny, typically where I start to relax, but apparently that's impossible with twins), get our bags (thank God my brother showed up...we couldn't figure out how we were going to push the Crazies, pull the overweight bags, and actually make it to the rental agency without turning into two sweaty hairballs), and made our way to the car rental counter...only to wait in line FOREVER.

Thankfully, Brother was watching the Crazies while we waited it out.

We get to the car, painfully install the car seats (have I mentioned that I have NEVER installed car seats???), packed all of our luggage into the trunk, find the directions, figure out how to turn the A/C on, and make our way to the exit.

We're bitching b/c a car ahead of us it taking waaaaaayyyyyy too long to get out of there and then they need to turn around.

"Idiots," we snicker...all high on life b/c we're finally heading to the hotel to start our vacation.

It's almost our turn when Brother says, "Who the hell is Glenn Campbell?"

G.G. flies into a panic.

The Crazies just want to go to sleep (because they thought it was their prerogative to skip their nap today...silly Crazies).

We get up to the attendant and he delivers the news that we were dreading to hear...although he did it through his laughter.  "You have the wrong car.  You must go back in and unpack your car, your car seats, your luggage, your children, and your pride, and put them all in the correct car...which is probably in parking spot #176 while you have taken #174...reserved for Glenn Campbell."


We finally get back to our parking spot, unload our luggage, reinstall the car seats (happy to say, it was easier the second time around), get all settled again, and finally get on the road.

It was 5:30.  The Crazies hadn't eaten since 11:30.  It was not good.  Hailey fell right to sleep in the car, while Matt (who needs a nap 10X more than Hailey does) took in the sights and fell asleep 5 minutes before we were supposed to hit the hotel.   Luckily, we got lost, so he got a little more of a nap.

All in all, I'm glad to be here.  I'm missing Husband like crazy.  I wish he were here.  Everything is so much easier when he's around (although I'm not sure traveling is going to be his favorite thing in the need LOTS of patience).  The resort is beautiful.  We overlook a pool and a hot tub and there is a park and the Crazies are in paradise.

More to come as I'm sure our adventures are just beginning!!!