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Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I've Learned While On Vacation (solo with I nuts???)

  • A diet goes right out the window...mine and the Crazies'.  Is it weird to think that their behavior changed a bit a lot because we weren't eating normally?  Maybe there is something to be said about those additives and dyes...who knows?  I especially noticed it in Matt.
  • It will take the Crazies approximately 5 nights to adjust to sleeping in a new place...and then it's time to leave, at which point, I'm sure that I'll need to readjust them to sleeping in their cribs.
  • I can exist on less sleep than normal, I just don't like to.
  • I would like to personally thank the inventor of Swimmies for saving the Crazies' life when I took them to the pool by myself.  Yes, I am crazy enough to take them to the pool independently.

  • The Crazies fight over some stupid shit...even if they have the same exact thing, they know which one is theirs.  I am starting to hate the word, "mine."  They totally remind me of the seagulls in Finding Nemo...mine, mine, mine, mine, mine...
  • I don't like vacationing without Husband.
  • One should never ever ever buy a bathing suit at Wal-Mart...just knowing that you're definitely going to have to make a repeat appearance in Hell should be enough to make you change your mind!
  • Chocolate actually makes me calmer when dealing with a complete meltdown.
  • Stains do, indeed, piss me off as much as I suspected.  Chocolate ice cream is pretty awesome, but not so awesome down the front of Hailey's shirt.  To you people who are all like "oh, they're kids...let them have fun and get sticky and gross...they'll only be kids once," I don't know how you do it.  I was a fucking maniac with Wet Ones all over them!!!
  • Having a place with a washer/dryer/kitchen is sooooooo freaking worth it!
  • Rooming with someone who is willing to stay in the room while you go to the "adult pool" and have a cocktail is priceless (thanks G.G.)!!!
  • The term "adult pool" sounds less like a porno than one would think.
  • Having two strollers is good, but make sure to buy the things that link them together.  There were a few times I wish I had purchased those.
  • Did I mention Swimmies?
  • Looking at people and thinking "well, if she could pull off a two-piece, I could certainly pull one off" is not exactly the kind of license I'd like to give myself when bathing suit shopping next year.  
  • Drinking during the day is completely acceptable on vacation, but is totally frowned upon in normal life.  I gotta admit that I kind of like vacation!!!
  • If a complete stranger is willing to allow your children to play with their pool toys, let them...don't get all humble and say "oh thanks, but no.  They're fine.It's totally worth it.  Suck it up and stop beating yourself up b/c you didn't think about buying totally useless shit at Wal-Mart...these people did and you're going to take advantage of it for approximately 20 minutes.
  • It takes me approximately 6-7 days to actually which point it's time to go home.  Screwed again!!!
  • Vacationing with family may have its ups and downs, but it sure creates some good memories.
This version of my brain throwing up is brought to you by Danifred!!!