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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Letters From The Brink...

Dear Luvs,

You suck.  I will never buy your crappy product again.  I have never had a kid leak through their diaper and hopefully never will again as your diapers will never touch my kids' skin ever again.  Guess it's back to the drawing board for you, huh?

Love, Me

Dear Pampers, 


Love, Me

Dear Wal-Mart,
I am angry with you on so many levels, but currently because you were out of my diapers.  You weren't out of all Pampers, but apparently there was a run on size 4 because those were the only ones that were depleted.  I blame you for the aforementioned issue with Luvs and just for bringing down our civilization on the whole.  I mean seriously...they've created entire websites about your clientele...that's gotta tell you something.

Love, Me

Dear Matt,

Maybe if you didn't drink half of the bath water last night, you wouldn't have peed your brains out in your sleep and woken up at 4:30 AM crying "I soaking wet", but I still love ya.  You're a good boy and I loved cuddling with you in my bed while we waited for Hailey to wake up.

Love, Mama

Dear Husband, 

Can't wait to see you today!  I've missed you!!!

Love, Wife

Dear Fire Alarm People,

I saw a blinking red light every 12 seconds last night.  Typically the light is supposed to stay green.  Does that mean you were secretly taping me?  I forget what I learned about mysterious fire alarm that could be secretly taping you.  No worries didn't get anything exciting!

Love, Me

Dear Hailey,

You have been an absolute doll for this entire trip.  Outside of your sleeping issues (and who could blame you b/c those PNPs were not comfortable at all), you have been a very good girl and Mommy really appreciates it.  I love you.

Love, Mommy

Dear Family,

Thanks so much for helping me take care of the Crazies.  I really appreciate all those extra sets of eyes and hands when I most needed them.  Thank you for understanding when I would ignore bad behavior because all I wanted to do was eat for a minute without reprimanding one of the Crazies.  What would I have done at times without one of you there to help me out.  Best line of the entire week?  "I would kill myself if I had to work here" while the Kid's Karyoke Marathon was going on.  Good times and great memories!

Love, Sister/Daughter