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Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Favorite computer in the world stopped charging last night.  I started to get the shakes when Husband mentioned that I may have to send it back (WHAT???  Have it out of my sight for more than a day??? NEVER!).  Then he says, "they're not meant to be dropped."  Excuuuuuse me?  I didn't drop my, er, computer!  I would NEVER do that!  Then he reminds me that sometimes I prop it up on its side and then it slides down...well, that doesn't count as "dropping," does it?
  • Guess it's time to turn off the air was so warm here this week!  Today it's much colder and my body found it nearly impossible to extract itself from my bed (especially since I have P.T. in the pool today and the thought of taking clothes off my body makes me physically ill).
  • So, made plans with a friend to do a little shopping this weekend...she had to switch days to Sunday...Halloween.  It didn't even phase me until I remembered a period of time where people would take their kids to the mall to trick-or-treat.  Please tell me this isn't still happening!!!  The last thing I want to see when I go shopping is a bunch of kids, dressed up, high on sugar, acting rude because the lady at PacSun won't give them another Twix.
  • Still looking for a name for a monthly column...any ideas?
  • This weekend's itinerary (we can take bets on how many Advil Knee will need before this weekend is over):
    • Friday Night - Field of Screams (we're not going to actually scare the Crazies, but they have face painting, games, and that sort of thing)
    • Saturday Morning - neighborhood celebration at the Tot Lot 
    • Saturday Night - Jack-o-lantern carving and Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin (DVRed!!!)
    • Sunday Morning - SHOPPING!!!
    • Sunday Night - trick-or-treating (I've already had the Crazies start practicing how to say's so freaking cute that I just want to gobble them up like they're little tiny talking Reese's peanut butter cups!!!!)
  •  Sorry for no logo, but I'm using Husband's computer...none of my stuff is saved on here and none of my shortcuts are either...I really hope I don't have to send Computer back and that it's just the charger.
Play along with Danifred today...Happy Halloween!!!