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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Are You Reading Wednesday?

This is a great read for any mother who doesn't take parenting too seriously (a.k.a. ME!!!).

This is a great read for anyone who "gets" the craziness that comes along with raising boys (yeah, yeah...I know that I'm only raising one, but he's a doozy!).

This is a great read for anyone who longs to wear dresses and heels every day and pass it off at effortless.

This is a great read for anyone who loves NYC too.

Here are some quotes that really drew me in:

"...chronic fatigue syndrome, formerly known as motherhood."

"Dressing well actually takes very little effort, but it makes a huge difference in the way I feel and the way others feel about me.  It is just as easy to pull on a simple dress or tailored trousers as it is to pull on a pair of tatty mom jeans."

"I have noticed that most of them stand in front of the toilet, hands on their hips, penis thrust in the direction of the toilet as they release their man water.  "Oh really?" I yell at them.  "You choose this moment to not touch the damn thing!?"  How is this evolved?  How is this the dominant gender?"

"...the culture of Disney is insidious."

"How did spreading holiday cheer become women's work?"

"Tanqueray martinis straight up with olives, because a medicated parent is a happy parent."

This book makes you realize that it's okay to dress pretty and not pick up your kids for that very reason.  It makes you realize that just because you have a weekend in the country, you do not have to leave the house or step in mud.  It makes you realize that life isn't perfect, we shouldn't expect it to be, and maybe that's what makes it so great.

I would definitely recommend this one and it's a quick read!

What are you reading right now???

When Did I Become "Mom?"

For some reason, Matthew has taken to calling me "Mom."

I don't mind this, but it just makes him seem so much more mature.

Here are a few times he's called me "Mom" that have made me pause:

Walking into preschool, I finally have a pair of shoes on that aren't tennis shoes (Knee is really healing, huh?).  I'm holding the door for the Crazies and Matt stops dead in his tracks to say, "Cool shoes, Mom."

Matt's sitting on the stairs obsessed with the batteries we picked up at BJ's that morning.  He feels that I need them in my possession right away, so he tries to pass them to me saying, "Here you go, Mom."

I'm trying to clean up from breakfast so that we can make it on time to my P.T. appointment...seriously, my life is all preschool and Physical Therapy these days...anyway, he hands me his sippy, looks me dead in the eye, and says, "Here's my cup, Mom."

I'm slightly flabbergasted at this new moniker that's been assigned to me.  I really thought I would be called "Mommy" or "Mama" for at least another few years, but maybe not.  Maybe to Matt, I am "Mom."

In other related news, Hailey has hit the Terrible Twos like a bat out of Hell.  For as sweet as this child looks, she has all of her venom deep down inside.  She is saying NO like a champ, kicking during tantrums, digging her chin into Matt's back rather than biting (a step up?), giving me dirty looks (like when I told them they only get one treat after lunch...OMG...she could have been 15 years old with the look she shot me), hitting Matt only when my back is turned...the list goes on.  It's sweet child...the "good one" morphing right before my eyes.  

I still adore her though...I find it incredibly interesting that she is able to know when is the "right time" to hit Matt and that she's changed her biting to "chin digging."  I find a weird intelligence in these things...she gets it...she knows right from wrong...she knows exactly how far to push it before Mama totally loses it.  Smart girl...