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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today I Will...

  • Say "yes" more than I say "no."
  • Listen to the Crazies.
  • Find my inner patience.
  • Let the Crazies sleep in.
  • Take a bath.
  • Visit with a friend.
  • Play with Play-Doh (how could you not?  It has the word "play" right in the title).
  • Make two dinners (the Crazies won't eat shrimp).
  • Clean out the coat closet.
  • Let Husband off the hook for "not hearing" the kids 5 times last night.
  • Drink two cups of coffee (on my 2nd right now).
  • Be comfortable.
  • Read Perez Hilton and indulge my inner gossip queen.
  • Keep the lights on (it's a very rainy day here in MD).
  • Debate going to Kohl's.
  • Laugh.
  • Kiss the beloved Mummy good-bye...until next year.

    We're All Out!!!

    A list of things that literally make me sweat when we run out of them:

    1. Paper towels - seriously, we need these like a diabetic needs insulin.
    2. Macaroni and Cheese - Annie's only please...if it's not shells and cheese, my kiddos won't eat it.  Thank God they sell it at BJ's!
    3. Wipes - how did they do it in the olden days?  GROSS!!
    4. Toilet paper - happened last week...we had like 1/2 of a roll left for the entire house.  This is the one time that I was thankful we've delayed potty training.  Running out of this leads me to limp up the stairs with loops of T.P. in my hand b/c someone forgot that we were out in the upstairs bathroom.  It also leads to an ill-fated trip to Wal-Mart (my own personal Hell) to replenish our stock...I hate that place.
    5. Eggs - a staple in our house.  The CSA is going to end next week (sob, sniffle, weep) and then we'll have to actually remember to purchase our eggs at the grocery normal people.  I have so enjoyed the CSA this year.
    6. Coffee/Wine - Mommy Juice.
    7. Diapers - Enough said!
    What throws you into a panic if you're running low or (gasp!) fresh out!!!