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Friday, November 5, 2010

Minor Setback...

I haven't talked about Knee in a while b/c she's been being pretty good to me.

This morning, I went in for my P.T. in the pool and did all of my exercises without incident.  Then I change and went into the office for the stim ( least that's what it feels like) and they were going to change my tape.

Typically there is gauze tape under my super duper strong tape b/c my super duper strong tape would literally rip my skin off of my leg.  I take both layers off and notice that there is something that looks just like pus on the tape...some sort of green ooze.


I start to panic...I think about ignoring it and not telling the P.T.  I really don't think I could go without my super duper strong tape.

Sweat...panic...sweat...breathe heavily.  I want to ignore this.  I want to tape over it.  I want to have never seen it.

I couldn't do any of that though...there is a round spot about 1.5 inches in diameter where the skin has just worn away from being taped for about a month straight.

As we look at it and decide what to do, it becomes quite apparent that we need to let it heal.  Probably a good thing as it just kept getting redder and redder...gross.

Holy shit...I really need to shave my knee!  This is disgusting!  Maybe this was a good thing as I'm starting to resemble a gorilla!!!

So, they taped the outside of my knee (which doesn't hold my knee cap in place at all) and we're hoping for the best.

Hailey is very concerned about my boo-boo and keeps checking on me (with her baggy leggings and all).  She's not happy with this turn of events at all.  Matt could care less.

Husband told me to spray it with Neo.sporin when I get home and that the spray wouldn't hurt...he's so full of shit.  It hurt like a bitch!  Oh well...gotta let it heal.  Can't have some gross ooze coming out of my leg!

Oh, and this is definitely going to ruin the "jean stretching" that I had planned for this weekend...this sucker hurts!

This is so not worth of its own post...maybe I should figure out what Twitter is.  Someone said it's like blogging for the ADD.  Sounds about right, but by the time I get the hang of it, there will be something new to come along and ruin my life.  Thanks for listening if you've hung in there...not so entertaining, huh?

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Did anyone watch Private Practice last night?  oh...em...gee...

  • My list went pretty well yesterday...I did not play with Play-Doh (no great loss there).  I did not clean out the coat closet.  My inner patience was tested greatly by a cranky little boy who was crying for no reason...God, I just can't handle the whining and needless crying.  Mummy is still in my living room...anyone want to wager that he'll be there until Christmas?

  • I'll soon explain the reason for my little poll over there (see it?  In the upper right corner?)...very interesting conversations I have sometimes when I just shut my mouth and listen.  

  • There are two events occurring this weekend that I would like to be attending, but I'm not.  One is my Nana's husband's 90th birthday party (90 years old...I can only imagine what this man has seen in his lifetime).  The other is a walk to support lung cancer (Cousin's father died of lung cancer).  Both of these are due to Knee and I'm not happy about it at all.

  • That being said, Knee is slowly but surely getting better.  There are little things I try all the time, but for now, I can go up the stairs like a normal person.  I still come down like a geriatric, but I can go up!

  • I still haven't worn my jeans.  I'm totally afraid to put them on!  I'm afraid I'll lose all feeling from the waist down!!!!

  • The Crazies are getting so good at talking.  Yesterday I went in to get them and Matt sais, "Hailey threw her bink underneath Matthew's bed."  Seriously...what 2 year old uses the word "underneath."  Hailey is still behind in the speech area, but she's also getting better.  When I asked who ripped a page in a catalog yesterday, she answered, "Matt ripped it."  She loves throwing him under the bus, but I must say, I love these full sentences!!!!

  • I ordered these Christmas stockings yesterday.  Husband swears that my OCD always kicked in when we would pull out our mismatched stockings.  I love these (but I may still use the kids' mismatched stockings...they're cute!)!  Free monogramming and shipping until Wednesday!!!

  • Speaking of leftovers, here are some delicious things I have cooked this week...cauliflower gratin (yum), pumpkin bread (we call it cake to get the Crazies to eat it), beef stew, and shrimp with sun dried tomatoes!  Yummy!!! 
  • Should the Crazies be taking vitamins?  I'm sure that they don't get their 2 cups of fruits/veggies per day.

    • I'm cold.
    That's all for now...visit Danifred for more leftovers! She's doing it tomorrow though...she's logical like that!