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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Leaves Are Coming Down...

Fall Leaves Are Coming Down
Red and yellow, green and brown
Listen and you'll hear them say...
"Wintertime is on its way."

That's a song I sing with the Crazies every time they mention that the "leaves fall down."  I don't know just makes sense.  It also makes me cringe and shiver when I sing the last line b/c I'm not a Winter-girl.

Mum's the Word...

The Crazies were some very happy kids with their "pile."

Then Daddy gave them the idea to run and jump into the pile...the running went fine...

The jumping?  Not so much!
Then things got serious when Dog came out.

It was freezing cold out, but I'm thinking all of this action makes for some good naps!!!

Notes to My Former Self...

I read this post the other day on Scary Mommy's site.  It made me think of all of the lessons learned since I was 16 years old and I figured I'd delve into my past and set the young girl inside of me straight.

  • Stick with the geeks.  They're interesting, smart, successful, and will treat you right.

  • Stay away from the "bad boys."  They're nothing but trouble!

  • You don't have to learn every lesson yourself...listen to other people.  You don't always know better!!!

  • Exercise and stay athletic.  It will benefit you through illnesses and unexpected operations...being strong will help you in many situations that you'll have to face.

  • Stop watching so much'll get addicted!

  • You're're very very white.  Please stop putting baby oil on will never be tan.  Oh yeah, stay out of the tanning beds in college too.

  • Don't open up all of those stupid credit cards.  Saving 15% on today's purchase is not going to help you when you can't pay for 14 credit cards and need your mother to bail you out...twice.

  • Save your money and make an intelligent, wine and sushi are not intelligent purchases (it breaks my heart to admit that though)!!!  

  • Find a productive blogging (haha!).

  • Live by the beach for a long have peace there.

  • Stop saying you're "fat" because you have no idea how cute you really are!

  • Don't hide your opinions, but be smart enough to be able to back them up.

  • When you call your fiance after a night of drinking, don't cry so hard that you're not able to speak...he's going to think you've cheated on him when you're actually just crying because you feel so shitty...spare him the angst and eek out "I didn't cheat on you" first.  After that, you can complain about your headache and queasy stomach, you big baby!

  • Don't drink and's not worth it.

  • Don't get a'll regret it.

  • The whole "cool crowd"...the one you would really like to hang out with, but are too afraid b/c you're probably way too dorky?  Yeah, you know the group.  Well, truth is, most of them will be stuck in the same town for their entire lives...they'll be trying to relive their Glory Days and won't be so cool in ten years.

  • Live alone...for several're going to love it.

  • Go to college to pursue a career that actually exists...most people don't get a decent "Psychology (with Sociology minor)" job without further education.

    • You have an amazing ass...stop being embarrassed at it.  (It makes me giggle that "embarrassed" has the word "ass" in about a play on words!!!)

    • Your sister will be your best friend.

    • You are going to be more like your mother than you can even imagine!

    • Be're kind of okay.

    What would you say to your 16-year old self???