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Thursday, November 11, 2010

No More Ragamuffin Kids kids were looking haggard!  Their little blond heads resembled cotton candy after every single nap due to the fact that they felt the need to ground their skulls into their pillows with zeal!

They sleep like nutjobs...and I wonder why I'm apprehensive about putting them in their big beds.

Anyway, I had enough.

Hair Cut.tery hadn't done well by me last time (remember, Hailey turned out like the dude from Dumb and Dumber?), so I decided to bring them to my salon.  That's right...I'm that chick that brought my 2-year olds to a fancy salon. 

Captured a few little nuggets for your viewing pleasure.

Ragamuffin kids...totally unkempt.

Serious as a heart attack...he barely cracked a smile and kept his eye on the hairdresser the entire time.  He was good though...listened to every word the guy said.

There we go!  If you ignore the macaroni & cheese that is plastered all over their faces, they barely look Ragamuffin anymore, right?  Crap, wrong...the mac and cheese ruined everything!!!!  We're destined to be Ragamuffins!!!  They're still pretty cute though, huh?

What's Worse Than Watching Thomas The Train??

Reading from the hear it in my own voice is just terrible.  Why is this shit so mesmerizing to kids???

When I read it, I feel like The Exorcist...a voice that is not mine is talking through me...sigh.

I Got Nothing... I sit here, I got nothing...blank brain...empty thoughts.  So, you get everything that's still rattling around in there.

  • I'm pretty much over the time change b/c it gives us another hour of daylight at 6:30 AM.  It's not exactly like I can send my kids outside to play at that time, right?  I'd rather have the hour in the afternoon when they're up my ass begging me to go outside while I calmly try to explain, "but it's dark out."  Come on now...why do we do this time change again?

  • I have nothing planned for today.  N.O.T.H.I.N.G.  It's amazing.  I keep saying that I'm going to get my flu shot, but that probably won't happen if for no other reason than I don't want to step one single foot in Walmart.

  • Matthew took his diaper off the other morning while he was in his crib.  I'm sitting down here (probably blogging...slacker Mom) and I hear him whining about something...couldn't quite make it out.  So, I went back to ignoring him.  The whining persisted and all of the sudden, I realize that he's saying, "Mommy...I want diaper back on."  WHAT???  WTF???  You took your diaper off by yourself???  I thought only Hailey could do that (and let's face it, at least she does it at the appropriate time...right before her shower...she takes her own diaper it), but I was wrong!!!  He's standing in his bed, half-naked, holding his diaper in his hand.  He didn't pee or anything...just took it off.

  • Hailey has been a real trip lately.  I can't decide if she has a total attitude or if she's just like me (which, let's face it, probably involves having a total attitude).  Whenever we talk about G.G. living in New York, she belts out the chorus from Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind."  Go to 0:57 on the video...that's what she sound like.  Yep...just like Alicia Keys.  She's hysterical.  She can also be really naughty though...which slightly amuses me.  She's not moving ahead in the potty arena AT ALL.  Yes, she'll sit on the potty.  Yes, she'll be all excited to use it.  Yes, the music will play on her potty, but not because she actually peed...because it's misfiring!  It makes music and she hasn't gone which leads her to believe that she actually did go, so now she'll never learn!  Stupid singing potties!!!
  • Matt went poop on the potty last glad I was tutoring.  I am NOT looking forward to cleaning out that shit (literally).

  • I WORE MY JEANS AND THEY'RE NOT AS SCARY AS I THOUGHT THEY WOULD BE.  It's them tight and they'll actually fit for the entire time you're wearing them.  No saggy ass here!

  • Matt called Hailey "a piece of work" in front of all of the other preschool Moms the other day.  I nearly peed my pants.  He put his hand right on her shoulder, chuckled, and said, "Hailey's a piece of work."

Okay, that's enough rambling...gotta check the monitor to make sure Big Boy still has his diaper on.  I'll ask again...if I did a link to What Are You Reading Wednesday (like every other week), would you link up?  Come on...just tell feeling won't be hurt...much.