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Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Yesterday, we didn't have anything planned, so before we went to the bookstore, the Crazies asked if we could take a walk.  It was gorgeous out, so I said, "yes."  They held hands.  They learned how to look both ways.  They picked up leaves.  They waved to trucks.  People slowed down to watch them.  They said hello to the kids playing at the elementary school (actually when they went in, Hailey called, "bye Kids!")  We walked for an hour and twenty minutes and not one part of me thought it was a waste of time...not one single part.
  • When we got back from our walk, we went to the bookstore, picked out books for a few special kids in our lives, bought books for the Crazies (because they were actually well behaved in this book store...sans stroller...that's right.  I'm a rock star!), went home, and had lunch.  Apparently all of that doesn't even warrant Mom some time off for good behavior!  They were still up my butt!
  • Lately the Crazies make it impossible NOT to play with them.  Matt will repeatedly say "Mommy, get down on floor please!" and Hailey literally spent 10 minutes trying to push my ass off the dining room chair (no easy feat).  What's with these kids?  It's like I'm their only playmate, but I'm not!!!
  •  I'm doing leaf rubbing with the Crazies after naps today.  I showed them during lunch and then cut out the colored leaf and glued it on to their very own Leaf Bag.  I'm just oozing with cuteness.
    • Hailey has been calling footy pajamas "foobies" and I think it's going to stick!
    •  I blogged too much this week.  It's not because I sit in front of the computer all day like some mindless drone who ignores her children.  It's because I'm a "popper."  I pop on the computer at various times during the day for like a minute or two.  I'm also a fast typer, so I can whip out a blog post in 3 minutes flat.  I may have a problem with too many posts though...after all, I'm not Ree Drummond, right?
    • Husband is having a harder time with the time change than any of us...just can't seem to get his ish together.  I find it cute.  He finds it frustrating.
    • We're going to start putting up Christmas lights this weekend.  It's not because we're total holiday freaks (however, if the enthusiasm shown by the Crazies is any measure for how enthusiastic we should be, we might be categorized as holiday freaks).  It's because it will be really nice this weekend, we don't have anything to do, and because if we wait, the weather forecast will inevitably call for freezing rain on that particular weekend!  That's just our luck.
    • Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday (hey, didn't I just say that about Halloween?), but I cannot get over how much I love this idea!  Love it, love it, love it!
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