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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Convos

Hailey:  Matt sick.
Daddy:  Yes, Matt's sick.
Hailey:  I SICK!!!  (whine, weep, tantrum, twists body around for no apparent reason)
Mommy:  No, you're not're fine.
Hailey:  I SICK!!!
Mommy:  Okay, what hurts?
Hailey:  I SICK!!!
Mommy:  Yes, I'm sick too...
Hailey:  (confused look)
Mommy:  Sick of hearing you say that over and over again...
Daddy:  (laughter = WIN!!!)
Matt:  (sits on couch not moving...that's how we know)

Poor kid!  Off to the doctor on a lovely Saturday morning!