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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Croup = Crap

Everything was fine last night.  The Crazies took their showers and were running around like idiots (no, bedtime in my house is NOT a calm soothing time...judge me if you want...I'm just trying to tire them out...more on that at a later date).  

All of the sudden, Matt's voice got really weird.  
It happened that like 2 seconds.  WTF?

Then he woke up at 2AM with a fever.  A quick shot of Ibuprofen sent us all back to bed pretty quickly.

Crazies wake up this morning.  Fever is lower, but wheezing is present and voice is very froggy.

It's official.  Matt is sick...

Sick enough for me to take him to the doctor's office on a Saturday.

Sick enough for me to leave a wailing Hailey at home with Daddy.  Separation is not our strong suit apparently (more on that at a later date).

Sick enough for him to repeat "I no feel good" 500 times on the way to the doctor.

Sick enough for him to actually sit in his chair in the waiting room rather than wander around touching all things germ infested.

Sick enough for him to allow the doctor to check him out without squirming or whining.

Sick enough to warrant his first prescription...EVER.

That's 27 months, we have not had to fill one prescription for the Crazies...not one.

Yes, we know how lucky we are.

No, I did not seal them in sterilized rooms...although I now regret the decision to let them out of the Hazmat suits.

He has the croup (I keep wanting to call it the Clap...what is wrong with me?).

The doctor put him on steroids...although I can't remember why she did this right now.  It seemed to make sense when she first explained it to me (this is why Husband typically accompanies me to important doctor appointments...I suck at remembering this stuff).  It had something to do with his throat and voicebox and inflammation (I think).

He's hanging in there...with his pale face, glassy eyes, hot skin, and croaky voice.

He'll be okay.  He toured CVS like it was the MOMA.  I remember CVS being pretty cool as a kid  Not so much, but I let him.  He earned it.

I'm spending this time enjoying the cuddles, watching him carefully, bringing him drinks, asking Hailey to be less high maintenance (ugh...more on that at a later date), and seeing little glimpses of my baby boy every now and then.

I still can't believe this is our first prescription.

Any bets on how long it will be for Hailey to show symptoms???  (more on that at a later date...I'm sure)

Disclaimer:  "Last night" was actually Friday night...I wrote this late Saturday night.  Apparently I was confused!