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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Teacher Suspended and Student Defends

This article and video blew me away...not only does it try to cover how a teacher should discipline, but it also tries to cover free speech, the Confederate flag, bullying, and how the teacher should have picked up on a "teachable moment" while other students were exchanging inappropriate statements about gay rights. 

God, I hate that term..."teachable moment."

Unfortunately, when you try to turn something controversial into a "teachable moment" one of two things will happen, the student involved will try to see how far they can push their "free speech" and say some really offensive things OR parents of students in the class will get upset with the teacher for allowing this conversation to happen in the first place citing that values education should occur at home.  It's a Lose/Lose in most situations.  I'm not saying it can't be done, but the teacher has got to set some staunch guidelines before launching into a "teachable moment," especially a controversial one...such as the Confederate flag or gay rights.

Oh, right and continue to teach their curriculum at the same time...good luck with that.

Anyway, take some time to see what this young man has to say about his experience in school.  He's right...some of the worst things are said in a classroom and a teacher who stands up, calls the offender out, and actually does something, can make all the difference.

Reading through some of the comments that people left made me a little nauseous, so you might want to skip over that ignorance, but think about it...we, as parents, give our children the voice to be able to stand up and say what they believe.  I wish more kids felt as supported as this young man and were able to articulate their feelings in a well-meaning way. 

BF-ing in DD (and I don't mean "best friending")

Oh.em.gee...if you "like" Du.nkin Donuts on FB, you were in for a real show yesterday.  And I'm not talking about the actual chick who may or may not have been asked to leave for breastfeeding.

I'm talking about all of the fanatics who came out of the woodwork to overreact to a situation that has yet to be confirmed.

Here's the scoop (from what I can gather).  A woman and her friend were in DD.  One woman was breastfeeding her baby and the other was with her 4-year old kid.  Someone must have complained to the staff because they asked her to stop.  Then, apparently, someone else called the cops and the cops came to the DD and she had to leave.  WTF?

What is happening?

Anyway, I don't care if all of this is true or not, but I was shocked to see the response launched across DD's page blasting them, their employees, their franchises, their managers, and everyone who has ever stepped foot in DD (well, maybe not the last one, but they're me).

What is wrong with people?

Here is how it got out of control:
  1. Someone posted about the incident on the FB page and Cafemom (I couldn't find it on there, but their site is running really slow and I ran out of patience...bad blogger).
  2. Everyone went apeshit.
  3. People started saying they were going to boycott DD.
  4. It became a forum for BF Moms to say how great they are and how everyone else sucks and how it's beautiful and all this other stuff.
  5. It became a forum for other people asking BF Moms to keep it covered and to use good judgment. 
  6. People who didn't even follow the DD page started to "like" it because they wanted to get in on the action.
  7. Someone mentioned that Jesus was breastfed.
  8. Other people told the up-in-arms-women to get off the computer and take care of their kids.
  9. Another dude called them "Lactivists" (okay, that one was pretty awesome).
  10. People started posting their BF-ing pictures all over the page.
 Ummm...What are we coming to?

Something that is totally unconfirmed can happen hundreds of miles away from us and it makes us jump on some random bandwagon and start acting all infuriated??

Then we begin to insult each other!  I read some real doozies including, "idiot," "his balls are on your chin," "please make vegan donuts," "no need to whip your tit out," "if it's natural, then I should get to take a steamy dump in a restaurant," and "is the baby just supposed to starve?"

These people don't even know each other.  I would barely say these things to people I know very well AS A JOKE, much less strangers.

I'm not trying to start anything about the actual issue b/c I have no confirmation, but this what social networking has made us into?  

I'm hesitating even posting this b/c I don't want to get into the actual issue...I'm just befuddled at how people reacted.

What do you think?  Has social networking diminished our ability to maintain boundaries?