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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Whatcha Reading Wednesday?

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

I had no idea that Oprah backed this book...WHAT UP, OPRAH!

Think she'll read my blog now?  Yeah, me neither!

If you're a total freak like me, you've always been afraid of being abducted.  Who wouldn't be, right?  

So, I started reading this book and it was like my worst nightmares coming true.  The detail and the imagery of the experiences that this woman has to endure are burned into my mind.  The psychological games that her abductor plays with her are so frightening, but given what you hear about in the news, altogether too possible.

Here are some of the parts that really struck me:

"But if somebody is telling you the sky is green, even though you know it's blue, and they act like the sky is green and they keep saying it's green day in, day out, like they really believe it, eventually you could start wondering if maybe you're nuts for thinking it's blue."

"Being hit was a physical act that made me feel defiant.  But the mind shit?  That really did a number on me, and as the months pass, the voices of my loved ones faded to whispers and their faces blurred.  Little by little, the sky became green."

"I remember reading once that if you have a bird that's lived in a cage for a long time and you leave the cage door open, the bird won't leave right away.  I never understood that before."

The book is set in her therapy sessions after returning from her abduction.  Annie's world is all turned around and she has no idea who she can trust since her abductor basically told her lies about her friends and family.  

There is a part about a baby and, let's just say, if you've lost a baby, you may want to be prepared for some uncomfortable reading.  I just always think that I'd want to be prepared for that rather than happen upon it in a book.

So, what are you guys reading?  

My current book is not exactly a page turner, but I am enjoying parts of it.  It's Not Ready For Mom Jeans by Maureen Lipnski.  I'm trying to alternate between serious books and humorous books.  Has anyone tried Didn't I Feed You Yesterday? by Laura Bennett?  Still one of the best "mom books" I've read to date.