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Thursday, November 18, 2010

What We've Been Up Matt and Hailey

Hello all!  It's been a while since Mom let us take over the computer, but we're here now after a really busy week!

Here's what we've been up to...

One day, Mommy showed us how to make these leaf bags.  She said we can go for walks and collect leaves.  We think that's going to be pretty awesome!

I just couldn't wait to learn how to do a "leaf rubbing."

I was pretty psyched too...look at how attentive I am!  I'm not even throwing this paper at Brie (yet)!

Okay, so there's a leaf in one hand and a pencil in the what?

Who needs a leaf?  I'll just color...color, color, color...I love this.

How'd I do?

Color, color, color!!!  Queso!

Then I got sick.  They put me on steroids and I was pretty much a nightmare for a few days, but I didn't cough at night.  We all got great sleep (which may or may not be a great tradeoff for a really bad attitude).  Mommy and Daddy brought me sippies, trains, snack cups, and pieces of vacuum to make me feel better.  Hailey didn't do anything except tell everyone else I was sick.

Once Matt was feeling better, we took off our socks...

...and hopped in here!  Can't get into a toy box with your socks on, now, can you?

So, that's it...that's what we've been up to.  We didn't go to school on Monday and Mommy couldn't go to P.T either.  Mommy had a conference with our teacher on Tuesday and we went to Tar.get in the pouring rain...something about not being able to spend another minute in the house with whiny kids suffering from roid rage...IDK.  We got wet and got to use our hoods...that was cool.

I'm doing much better now that I'm off the roids...that was hell on Earth for everyone else.  Me?  I got a lot of anxiety out!

Yeah...he sure did.  He was so loud!

What have all of your kids been up to?