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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Card Outtakes

I love this time of year...just another excuse to make fun of the Crazies and some of the hideous pictures they take!

We did the same thing last year...I am shocked, but not dismayed, to see how much they've changed.  I love it!!!

OMG...enough primping already!  Yes, you're cute!  Yes, you have great hair!  Do you really need two hair tools???  That's what you're a tool.  Put those ugly green hair utensils away and let's get on with it already!!!

How did Mommy do this?  She made Hailey sit still and the mess move in a big blur!  If only it were cleaning itself up while she took the cute pictures!  That would be awesome.  At least she didn't make her put shoes on this year...we're like hippy children.

Wait...buck-toothed and squinty isn't the look you're going for?  I kinda like it!  (Note to self:  get rid of the damn binkies before you ruin your child's teeth forever!!!)

Just playing with my balls...