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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Drinky Drinky...bottoms up!

Is drinking at a kid's birthday party a "no-no" or a "handle-yourself-accordingly-and-I-won't-have-to-kick-your-ass" activity?

That was the question posed at the beginning of this month in the corner of my blog.  If you missed it, here were your choices:
  • A no-no (say it ain't so!)
  • Not a problem, but don't let it get out of control (note to self:  less wordy next time)
  • Okay, if it's family event (so, apparently people need to drink to be around their families?)
  • Who cares? (for you people who didn't care enough to have an opinion, but took the time to click on it I know you really do care or you would have totally ignored the whole thing)
I asked this question b/c a mother of a tutoring student was outraged that adults were drinking at a kid's birthday party.  She just couldn't believe it and thought that these adults were setting a bad example for their children and she went on and on.

Okay, now these kids were in high school and the idiot parents who were hosting the party were letting them drink too.  I think that's just irresponsible, but whatever...people do a lot that I don't agree with.

Anyway, here are the results:
  • 12 of you (38%) said that it's a no-no.
  • 13 of you (41%) said that it's okay, but control yourselves for God's sake!
  • 5 of you (16%) said that you need to drink to be around your own damn family...haha.
  • 2 of you (6%) said you don't care, but I know you really do...I win!
Hmmmm...interesting results.

We have always had alcohol at the Crazies' birthday celebrations...that's right...all two of them!

At this age, it's more of a party for the adults.  Would I have alcohol at a party that was JUST for kids? necessary.  All of our parties have involved adults and kids though, so we hosted it just like we would any other party.  I don't think the adults at our party would enjoy sippy cups, chicken nuggets, cut up fruit, and a cupcake, do you???

What do you do?  Do you serve alcohol if adults are invited to the party?  Do you think it's completely wrong?  Do you feel the need to imbibe whenever at a family event?  If you do, then you're screwed b/c the holidays are here, folks!  Get ready for Family...the other F-word.  Haha...

Anyway, what controversial subject should I tackle for December's poll?  Teen pregnancy?  Medicating your child while traveling?  Going overboard on presents for the children at the holidays?  The ban on Four Loko?  Let me know what you think!