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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What A Week...and it's only Wednesday

Why do people feel the need to say shit like, "can you believe it will be December next week?" or "can't believe it's already Thanksgiving."  Really???  You can't believe it???  Is this your first year using a calendar?

It's the same every single year...get used to it.

Anyway, let's have a little recap of my week so far (because you give a shit, right?):
  • Monday was nutso...Husband took off work so I could have a little surgery in the morning (he took the Crazies to preschool and Matt cried when he left :().  Then I raced back to pick them up with Husband.  Then I had P.T. after lunch.  Then I had a meeting with Dr. W, my orthopaedist.  Then I tutored and then I got to have luscious sushi...happy ending?  I think so!

  • So, my P.T. wants me to get back into the gym...that means machines...that means weight.  That also means I can't fucking walk today, but whatever, right?  I'm getting better!  Eh, what's a little pain when 2 months ago, I could barely walk at all?!?

  • I can also start going twice a week rather than three times.  I can see my life becoming my own again!

  • Dr. W was very pleased with my progress.  I don't think he expected it after acting like such a freak in his office so many times.  I'm a rock star.

  • Yesterday, while the kids were in preschool, I made it to the mall, did returns at three different stores, and made it back to pick the Crazies up...on time.  Yes, I rule.

  • Hailey has been asking to wear her "pahty dress" all freaking week.  The only way I talked her out of wearing it to preschool (without a complete hysterical breakdown) was telling her that if she wore it to school, she'd get paint on it.  That made her very serious and she dropped her campaign to wear her "party dress" every day this week.  Needless to say, she is very excited for Thanksgiving for just this reason.

  • How can I get Matt to drop his campaign for the daily Thomas shirt outfits?

  • I went to Target the other day after my doctor's appointment and quickly realized why I love the little bubble in which I reside.  People are gross.  They're rude.  They apparently can't count how many fucking items they have when they choose the express lane.  They ignore my heavy dramatic sighs b/c dammit...I'm in a hurry (which is why I chose the express lane).  They wear clothes that don't fit and allow the slits in their skirts to literally rip to the point of obscenity because, let's face it, that skirt was not meant to contain those thighs.  Am I the only who sees this shit?  Is it not apparent when you're getting dressed in the morning?  If your clothes are fighting with your body over control, wear something else!  Okay, sorry...weird vent of the day is over now.

  • I wanted to get a manicure this week with that new lacquer shit that stays on your nails for at least 2 weeks, but opted for the mall instead.  Oh'll happen one day.  One day, I will use the preschool time as manicure time and be happy with my day.

  • Remember how I talked about the Crazies singing "New York" by Jay-z?  I got it on video...wanna see it?  That's right...two movies this with's not that long anyway.