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Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • It's over...all the turkey, all the traveling, all the waiting to decorate for Christmas.  It's all over.  I can finally hang our stockings!!!!!
  • Matt climbed out of his PNP today during naps...guess we won't be using these anymore after this trip!  THUD!!!
  • Then he screamed his head off b/c he didn't want to nap...then he dropped his lovey...then he dropped his bink.  Then I threatened his life b/c Hailey had finally dropped off (after a rousing conversation of "What's better?  A school bus?  Or a cement mixer?")...just kidding...I just got VERY serious.  He got it.
  • Hope all of you freaks who are suffering from Retail Hangovers still think it's worth it...I still don't get it.  Guess some things never change.
  • I'm so glad that our lights are already on our roof...the Crazies are going to be so psyched when everything is lit up!
  • I ordered one of the ugliest wreaths ever and can't wait to hang it up and show you all how ugly it was so worth it.
  • I know that everyone is doing these giveaways from Shut.terfly, but I am not (not that I was contacted and not that I'm bitter b/c I'm not...for serious).  I am going to tell you that I love Tiny Prints...that's them a lot.  Amazing customer service and quality.  I can't wait to get my cards!
  • It snowed on Thanksgiving...I think that's pretty cool.
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