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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You guys have to try this...

This is so cute, but of course, I have to give credit to Husband.

He and his constant internet trolling led us to this little gem.

Take a look!

Santa will actually send a personalized video message to your kid!  For free!!!  Love it!

We Dressed, We Ate, We Conquered Thanksgiving

You guys!  Thanksgiving is so much fun!  I had no idea since I couldn't remember from last year.  Oh, right...hi, it's Hailey!  I'll be guiding you through this short photo journey of our Thanksgiving.  

Let's face of the reasons I was  most excited about Thanksgiving was my party dress.  I looooooove my party dress.  Oh, and I call it a "pahty dress" because I'm fancy like that.  It's so pretty and fits me like a glove.  I just couldn't wait.  It would have been perfect if Mommy hadn't forgotten my matching shoes, but it's okay.  I forgave her.  She's pretty good at everything else.  

So, here's how our day went...we left super early.  It was still dark out!  Mommy and Daddy let us wear out foobies in the car and keep our binks and lovies.  This alone would have made my day, but it only got better!  We stopped at Dunkin Donuts and Mommy got us Munchkins!  Awesome!

We got to watch movies in the car and they we got to MomMom and PopPop's house.  We played for a little while, explored the house, and took a nap.  Then the real fun started!!!

We got dressed up.  I know my face doesn't show my happiness (I think that I was being told I couldn't have another chip...who wouldn't be annoyed?), but I was psyched.  What about Matt?  He cleans up pretty good, right?

Mommy made us get a family shot.  She's always annoyed that she forgets, so this was a pretty big deal!  I don't know what Matt was looking at...probably my awesome dress.  Oh, and I think Daddy kept his sweat pants on for this!  Too funny!

Could we be related more?  Everything looked and smelled so yummy! 

Uncle Andrew threw us up in the air!  This was so much fun!

See this smile?  This is the one that really shows what a great day I had.  Thanksgiving rocks!

Matt and Daddy wound down with a little online shopping.

So, all in all, it was an awesome day.  The next day we had a baby shower for Baby Landon who is in Aunt Christine's tummy.  Mommy kept talking to the tummy like he could hear, but I know better.  He can't...silly Mommy.

We left to come home after that and we decorated our house with all of these awesome lights!  More on that tomorrow...maybe Matt will want to tell you about it!  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too!