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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gawd...We're Turning Into The Freaking Griswolds!!!

Good day to Mommy's blog readers...she chose me today, Matt!  I get to narrate the delicious event of our family putting up our Christmas decorations.  

I just can't put into words how awesome there is.  You have electrical cords, breakable lights, tangled webs that just don't seem like they're ever going to get straight, guns that shoot staples into our fence, ladders, Daddy up on the roof, blow up characters (never mind that I kept saying, "I blow Rudolph."  That's just embarrassing), and a reason to go outside after dark.

Does life get any better?

This is how Mommy and Daddy tried to keep us out of trouble while they were bringing all the lights up from the basement.  It worked for approximately 3.5 seconds.

Look at this girl's face!!!  Does it just shout "surprise" or what?  I love my sister.

The keeper of extra lights and those little fuse things...does anyone even use those anyway?  Nah...they just go out and buy new lights, right?

Supervising...Santa is a big deal around here.

Hailey had some of the best expressions today.  She was totally psyched when Santa came to life and couldn't get over her love of Rudolph.  Can you see why I love her so much?

I had a little trouble toward the end...what can I say?  While I love Christmas, I love my naps more!

I'm pretty sure he was losing his marbles at this point.  Sometimes Daddy does silly things to keep his patience in check when we're acting out.  I can't blame him.  We're a little nuts sometimes.

What was Hailey thinking here?  I'm pretty sure it was, "take me outside so I can look at the damn house lit up...NOW!!!"  She really needs to learn how to be patient.  Sheesh!

From the outside looking in...Mommy went across the street to get a shot of our house all lit up and saw me sitting in the window.  How could she resist?  Look how cute I look!  I was seriously enthralled with the's taking every ounce of restraint I have not to pull all of those lights off our windows!  They're so pretty!

So happy to see everything coming together.  

What about you guys?  Are you all decorated?  Do you go for white or colored lights at your house?  Mommy loves white lights and Daddy loves colored lights, so we compromise.  Colored on the outside and white on the inside.  Mommy has talked herself into the fact that our house looks less gaudy and more like a little gingerbread house.  She is only tolerating the blow up characters for the "sake of the children."  Otherwise, she'd stick a pin in them and play innocent...we're all pretty sure of that.
Thanks for reading!  Mommy said that I get an extra dessert if everyone comments today, so let's hear it!!!