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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I have a date tonight...shhh...don't tell Husband ;)
  • The leaf guys came today and vacuumed all our leaves up.  Our lawn looks so naked and cold now...clean, but naked a cold.  It's like the leaves were a little blanket for our postage stamp of a lawn.  It's bittersweet and completely boring...sorry about this bullet.  Kill me and my nonpersonality now...
  • I have more smiling Amazo.n boxes in my house than I know what to do with.  It's like they're smirking b/c they know I have to wrap all this shit.
  • I can't stop getting stuff for the Crazies this Christmas and neither can Husband apparently.  I am sooooo not looking forward to getting the bills, but it's going to be a great Christmas.
  • Breakfast with Santa tomorrow...can't freaking wait!  I'm pretty sure they're going to lose their damn minds!
  • Can I just say that Private Practice is so good right now???  I love it!
  • I need a spa day in the worst way...maybe just a spa afternoon...that must include a facial and massage.
  • I need to wear heels's a basic innate need.  Oh, that and underwire.  I need both of those things back right now.  It's like I'm missing a limb...or two.  I'm half a woman...
  • Major Christmas present for the Crazies:  dollhouse, rooms for dollhouse, train tracks, train table, trains, tricycles, helmets...seriously...we went a little nuts.  When I say "we," I mean Husband...he's cracking me up.
  • G.G. did an advent's freaking awesome.  I must keep this tradition up...for serious.
  • Does anyone watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?  These ladies are messed up!
That's all for this week...pretty boring b/c life is pretty awesome right now.  Link up with Danifred if you're so inclined...if not, have a great weekend.

Done with Crazies and my UPS Man Hates Me, so I Gave Him a Gatorade

We are soooooo done shopping for the Crazies and let me tell you that we barely did any of it in the actual stores.  How could we do that when there were such great deals online?

Granted, the UPS men are now allowed to just walk into my house to deliver boxes (I gave them a key...heehee).
Granted, they kind of hate me.
Granted, I would be just fine if I never saw another cardboard box in my life.

Granted, I wish these boxes were filled with goodies for ME!

Alas, they are for the Crazies and we are totally done with them.  I couldn't be happier.  They are going to have a great Christmas and I'm pretty sure that Husband is even more excited.

I'm also pretty much done with Husband.  I'm done with Sister.  I want to get G.G. something else.  I am almost done with Papa.  Husband and I agreed that he would do his family, but I'm pretty much doing that too...and guess what?  I'm almost done with them too!

I am feeling so complete.  Would it be cheesy to say, 

"online complete me."

Anywho, I love when the UPS men start to tag-team their deliveries and I noticed that the younger of the two (the one who avoids my house like the plague b/c I hiss at him about sleeping twins like he actually gives a shit), was hobbling around and just looked like death.  So, being the nice woman that I am, I offered him a Gatorade.  He seemed appreciative.  I guess it's he least I could do considering he's here every single day and all I do is direct him where to drop the loot!

God, I probably god his sickness by having any sort of contact with him...sigh.

So, what's up this weekend?  Tonight, we'll probably make cookies...G.G. and I need to figure out which cookie press is better since she has two and I have NONE!  Tomorrow is the breakfast with Santa through the church/Crazies' Preschool.  I can't wait for that.  Then we'll come home and open presents with G.G.  We still have some more decorating to do and then Sunday we'll try to get back to "normal."  God, what is "normal" anymore anyway?  I wouldn't recognize it!!!  Oh, and did I mention that we'll probably drink wine?  Yes, that's a must!!!

What are you up to this weekend?