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Sunday, December 5, 2010

As I Sit on a Sunday...

I see Hailey sitting on G.G.'s lap playing with her new baby doll, Kate, and puppy.  I see half empty sippy cups from Crazies who have long lost interest in breakfast.  I see empty plates and full bellies and realize how lucky we are to have food in our house.  I see a lawn void of leaves and Christmas lights waiting to get a charge and share their happiness with the world.

I hear Hailey talking to her new Abby ornament.  I hear Matt playing with his new train tracks.  I hear Husband and G.G. having a convo about something that I totally missed.  I hear Husband loudly swallowing and wonder what in the world he could be drinking that would cause such a ruckus!  I hear Husband's laughter at that last sentence and thank God for having him.

I taste Butter Toffee coffee.

I feel warm and cozy in my Penguin jammers.  I feel the hard dining room table under my arms.  I feel happy.

Why can I only remember four senses?  Aren't there 5?

I smell remnants of sugar cookies from last night's baking session (BTW, freaking cookie presses are annoying).  I smell breakfast.  I smell Christmas slowly seeping into my house.  I anticipate the smell of the tree that we're going to get today.

How are your senses as you sit on a Sunday?