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Monday, December 6, 2010

Makes My Monday: Can You Guess What We Did Yesterday?

Thanks to Cheryl for hosting!!!!

My Take on Christmas Cards...and how psychotic I really am...

I love good mail...real, fun, hand written mail.  I never get it though.  Is that because I have no friends?  Maybe.  Is that because social networking has taken over our lives?  Probably.  Either way, I pee myself a little bit when I get real mail (then and when it's windy).

Christmas cards pictures stress some people out.  They spend time thinking over a theme, choosing outfits, and booking venues.  Not me...throw some garland and lights behind the Crazies, put them in a lovely little outfit, and hope for the best.  I'm not very picky.  My Christmas pictures have never been (and will never be) perfect.  I don't believe in that word...for me, it is unachievable and, let's be honest, I don't really want to achieve perfection because I believe life would be boring at that point.

I ordered my cards from Tiny Prints this year and couldn't be happier.  Yes, I probably definitely spent a little lot more than I did last year, but I am a sucker for good product and great customer service.

I got them on Friday and set aside a little time today to get them done.  Here is how psychotic I really am:

  • I set myself up on my chair so that I don't have to move and arrange things precariously while praying that the Crazies don't wake up from their naps.
  • I use the same book that I use for thank you notes and shower invitations to lean on.  This is a book that I HATE reading to the Crazies (something about a hundred useful words...seriously, a hundred?  Kill me now), but I keep around because it's good to lean on.
  • I retype my address list every year rather than copy/paste.  I don't know why I do this, but I really like to confirm that I am current on addresses and my email account is the best place for this.
  • I use a red and a green Sharpie marker.
  • I alternate between the two so that each envelope is written in either red or green.  
  • I also place check marks next to the recipient's address in alternating color...because it's pretty.
  • I write a short message on every single card.  I like to make it personal because even Christmas cards are becoming impersonal.
  • I hand write every single labels here (although computer genius Husband could probably set that up lickety split...not interested).
  • I thumb through my completed envelopes to see how pretty the red and green writing looks.
  • I turn them all over to their backsides (dirty, dirty)!
  • I use scotch tape to close the envelopes (this is where I start to think about Seinfeld and how George's fiance died while licking her envelopes for their wedding.  I also smile over the time that Elaine sent out the cards with her nipple showing, panic over whether or not I did that, realize I'm not in the pictures this year, and sigh with relief).
  • I flip them back over (I'm not done with you yet...that's what she said).
  • I attach a return address label on each envelope (I almost broke into hives this year because I ran out of holiday return address labels, but so be it.  I am not holding everything up to wait for labels to ship).
  • I then place them in the same brown bag with brown handles that I use for everything else (thank you notes, shower invitations, probably my wedding invitations).  It's amazing that I still have this bag quite frankly.
  • They are now sitting next to my front door for the trip to the post office where I will spend time affixing stamps to all 57 of them.
See?  That's a lot of freaking work.  Did you know that Tiny Prints will actually address and send your cards (God, I should work for them or get some free shit, dontcha think)?  Yeah, well, I'm not into that.  I'd rather do it myself and feel a great sense of accomplishment.  

So, that's do you do them?  How many do you send?  Do you love getting them?  Do you skip it altogether?
I have lots of pictures to get up from this weekend...presents with G.G., breakfast with Santa, getting our tree, and decorating our tree.  It's just that the Christmas card thing totally took over my thought process and then I wondered if I was the only one who had a "system."