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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Breakfast with Santa...Crazies Style!

Can you tell we just woke up 20 minutes ago?  Yeah...we're pretty out of it!  Yeah...the breakfast started at 9:15.  What can we say?  We're not early risers and our Mama loves it!

The picture where Hailey caught her first glimpse of the man in the red suit and Matt was apparently trying to escape the high chair to hunt him down.  Good catch, G.G.!

There's the big man!  Santa Claus himself!  Matt is taking this very seriously and was not shy about telling him that he wanted "twain twacks."  Hailey chimed in with her request for a "dollhouse" as well.

Again, Matt is dead serious and Hailey just doesn't like when strangers touch her...even if they are going to give her a crapload of presents on Christmas.  Makes no difference to her...hands off, Buddy! 

What?  Is this supposed to taste good?  It's oddly clearing out my sinuses!

"I na yike it...I sticky."  Such a diva!