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Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

Before we start our regularly scheduled post, I wanted to clarify something from yesterday's post.  I am not making THIS blog private...this blog will still continue to be as it is.  I am adding a second blog to my repertoire that will be more personal.  The Crazies will still be available on a semi-daily basis.  That being said, those of you invited to read my new and more personal blog, thank you.  With thanks given, I have to say that some of you aren't linked up to an email that I can use to send you an invitation, so please email me or comment with your email (Megan, Deb, Christy, and that's it...the rest of you received a comment on your blog this morning).

We now return to our regularly scheduled post.

  • My new theme for Christmas:  It's So Ugly, It's Almost Pretty (I'm all about the gaudy right now).

  • Husband's eyes are fine...hooray!  I'm still all the hotness to him!

  • Got lucky for the first time since July (TMI?  Whatever...skip to the next bullet)!

  • We have Husband's Christmas party tonight...cute shirt (click the's awesome and I got it for 40% off), pants, and flats.  At least I'll get to wear a real bra!

  • No, I'm not supposed to yet, but seriously...I'm over this "no underwire" thing.

  • Tried on my new bra (biofit 7-way thing from V.S.) to make sure it would work with my shirt (see above) and I had to try 4 configurations and get my head stuck in my shirt twice to decide to just go with the strapless "setting."  It ain't easy being a woman!

  • I cannot even describe how much easier decorating the tree was this year.  What a difference a year makes!

  • This "I'm a two year old and don't get boundaries and will be really loud about it all the time just to see if your will is really as strong as you think it is" crap is hard.  I need a support group!

  • I can't stop looking at these shoes...they're so freaking awesome and I'd love to wear them, but Knee definitely has other plans for me...flat plans...flat, boring plans.

  • "Sing Off" on Monday.  "Glee" on Tuesday.  "Sing Off" on inner band geek is coming out and she is happy!!!!  Not enough to stick a flute in her...well, you know, but happy! 

  • Taught the Crazies how to use those squeezy yogurt tubes...that was interesting.

Special thanks to Miss Danifred for hosting the leftovers tonight (and every're my hero).

You gotta try this too...we could all get crazy discounts!  Click the link if you're interested...I haven't been happier with any other company!