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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Night of Observations of a Parallel Culture

Computer geeks...know any?  I'm married to one, but at least he's cute and has interests outside of coding and motherboards (whatever those are).  My computer geek works with other computer geeks and we went to their Christmas party last night.

It's like watching a parallel that you knew existed and finally got to see up close.

Here are my observations:

  • Sometimes the stereotype of geeky guy with curly hair and glasses dating tall red head with huge jugs does come true and it's totally awesome in real life.  
  • There are uncomfortable silences that only you can break b/c you are the only normal person at the table.  Welcome to basic conversation skills, folks!
  • There will be another Computer Geek's wife there who is more drunk than you are b/c she got there earlier and is probably more bored than you at this point...and it will be awesome to listen to her slur through the conversation. 
  • Your Computer Geek husband and a slightly less cool Computer Geek will have inside jokes that you will never understand.
  • The Computer Geeks will talk of another Computer Geek (leader of the Computer Geeks?) that they work with, but that does not work for that company, so he's not at the party.  They will miss him terribly.
  • You will wonder why you obsessed about your pretty shirt and your convertible bra and wearing flats when you are truly among the best dressed.  Computer Geeks have interesting fashion sense.  (To be honest, there were some great outfits there...that's probably why they stood out so much...a rarity)
  • You will wonder why the President of Computer Geeks is wearing jeans.
  • Conclusions:  These people are interesting if you really listen to them.  The food is good.  The wine is good.  Being out with Husband is good...very good.  I could never be a Computer Geek.
Disclaimer:  I have no anthropological experience, so please take this for what it's worth...absolutely nothing.