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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have to share...this is outta control!!!

I never got pregnancy pictures done.  We would take a weekly picture for family that just wanted to witness the expansion  I don't know why, but I just think it's a bit much.  However, this (you will be so thankful that you clicked on this link...for serious) is something that I have never seen before.  

If you're a fan of the Awkward Family Photo website (or anything awkward that you're not actually a part of), you'll LOVE this too!

Don't say I never gave you anything!

Ornamental Ornaments

To me, Christmas ornaments are memories that sit in boxes for most of the year only to emerge early December and make us feel all warm and fuzzy.  These tiny little pieces of glass, porcelain, plastic, wood, or straw can actually bring us to tears if we're not careful...for serious.

If you read my blog a lot, you know that I'm not really a "warm and fuzzy" type of girl...or am I?

MandyE at Twin Trials and Triumphs had an idea for sharing some of the stories behind our beloved ornaments.  If you feel like sharing some of your stories, link up...she'll have it open until Friday!

Here are their stories (like Law & Order right?  Yup...just like that, idiot)...
These are our newest additions from G.G.  She gave us each our own personalized jingle bell and it's so fitting this year as the Crazies are consistently butchering the song, Jingle Bells for their Christmas show at preschool.  Love it!

First Christmas with the Crazies.  They had these crazy outfits with red hoodies and red/white striped pants.  They seriously looked adorable enough to kick your ass, right?  Such tough little faces!!!

This ornament is OLD!!!  It's from when I was a baby and it says "Sweet Pea" on the back...because that's what I am...a sweet pea.  Oh, and it's a bell!  I also decorate the tree like that girl too...with my tush sticking out!  Haha...

This one always reminds me just how long I've been married.  It also makes me giggle because it totally rhymes and it doesn't make me want to puke (like most things that rhyme do).  I'm pretty sure Sister gave that to us and it's still one of my most cherished.

Enough also resides at the top of the tree b/c we'll soon be tied for the division lead.  Eagles are going down!!!  Husband and I fight every year to see whose team will make it to the top of the tree.  I'm usual.

Warm sand, laughing on the porch, beers in the afternoon, walking a block to the ocean, kids splashing in the waves...good memories in cold times.

Homage to a puppy who was once our "baby."  She's still our first love, but I seriously wish she was potty-trained by  now.  I'm sick of cleaning up poop!  I also wish she was bald (she's a shedder), but then she'd look weird and that's a trade I'm just not willing to make.

Delicate gold leaves given to me by a beloved aunt who lost her way...

A gift from Italian grandmother!  She gave these silver bells to the Crazies for their first Christmas.  They're engraved with their names and the year, 2008 (which I neglected to capture in this image...go me).  The Crazies love these (as evidenced by the fingerprints all over them) and I know that these will bring them years of happiness.

Bought on a whim, these have become two of my favorites as well.  They are so simple and remind me of my mother's Snowbabies collection...the endless Snowbabies collection!