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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Can You Believe That Nothing Has Pissed Me Off Yet?

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Got My Boobs Back, Boots That Will Make Your Life Better, and Featured (Me, not my boobs)

So, I got my stitches out on Monday and I am feeling good (got a little swagger back)!!!!  The NP who removed them said the "wound isn't competent" yet, but I told her that I didn't care.  As long as I could get my underwires back, I'd slather Neo.sporin on that shit day and night.  So, now my boobies are back, but I have a horrific grease stain right under one!  JUST KIDDING!!!  I'm using the Neo.sporin at night, sillies!  Either way, it's great to have my tata's back up where they belong.

So, remember when I went shopping on Halloween and started getting hives when the trick-or-treaters entered the mall?  Yeah...good times.  Anyway, I bought some cute flats that day as this will be dubbed Year Of The Flat in my life.  One of the pairs was a little wonky and I wasn't sure it would work and I was right.  While Husband took the Crazies shopping for my presents last weekend, I got to do a little shopping by myself (can we say HEAVEN???).  I returned the wonky pair and was looking around the store.  I finally centered in on these boots:

Click here for purchase information...they're 9% random!

They're waterproof, have gelsoles, and are totally comfy.  Let's not mention the fact that they're as warm as a baby's bottom too (wait, is that smooth? They're not smooth...let me make that clear).  It's been like living in the Arctic here lately, so warm boots were just what I needed.  I snatched them right up, made me exchange, and went searching for the Crazies.  I totally forgot how useful the stroller can be for carrying packages...I was sweating like a pack mule...they sweat, right?  God, my metaphors/similes (can't remember the difference, but I'm sure that Sage Amy will remind me) suck right now.

Finally, I'm featured on this blog today...I was featured last month too, but didn't make a big deal out of it (so modest).  It's going to be a monthly thing until people start hating me and I get fired.  Isn't that cool???  I may have definitely did complained a little bit about Christmas...hey, I'm only human, right?   Hopefully you'll click over and read all about it.  

That's all for today...can you believe Christmas is next freaking week???  Craziness!!!