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Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Matt has started to use the word "because" appropriately.  Is this normal for a young 2-year old?  "Hailey was in time out because she hit my neck."  "The water is colder because I turned the knob."  "Brie is outside because she has to poop."  I am flabbergasted.  

  • Nothing to do this weekend...did you hear that?  N.O.T.H.I.N.G. and I couldn't be happier.  We are going to spend our time doing last minute shopping at Hellmart and Kohl's as well as baking some cookies and cuddling.  We're also going to attempt a Gingerbread Village...WTF was I thinking?  We couldn't just build a house like everyone else in the world?  We need a freaking village???

  • Two different people from two different realms of our lives contacted us yesterday to tell us that they're pregnant with twins (and totally freaked out).  Yes...misery loves company!  I am pretty psyched for them's the most fun I've had in years!

  • We order these Department 56 houses every year.  Well, we used to go to this cute little shop, but it closed, so now we're on board with online shopping...not as traditional, but whatever...times are a-changing, right?  So, we choose one and order it.  Without my knowledge, Husband also ordered the one that Matt and I loved.  They arrive.  We get excited to add to our collection.  We notice that it's damaged.  I'm pretty sure that the store knew too b/c they didn't question me at all when I called them...and it was their last one...and the box was pretty beat up.  I just think that's kind of shitty.   So, now I have to wrap that shit back up, trek into the post office, and return it like a chump.  
This is last year's set up...we could only do 2 shelves this year b/c we have Climbing Crazies who would scale this bookcase in a minute to get their fat little hands on one of these houses.  They're way up high this year.

  • My wrapping is almost done...I am shocked at how much smoother things are this year.  I guess when everyone told me it would "get easier," I should have believe them rather than trying to get them institutionalized.  It really does "get easier (that's what she said)."

  • I think snow sucks.

  • When Matt wakes up from his nap lately, I hear him making this horrific noise.  At first I thought he was stuck or something, but then I checked the monitor.  He has his legs out of the crib and he's hitting his hand on one of the slats.  Turns out he's "driving" and the noise that he's emitting is his horn saying, "beep beeeeeepp!!!"  Doesn't get much cuter.

  • So, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are pregnant...with twins...$10 says that they never fess up to needing fertility treatments, that it was a total surprise, and twins show up in their very distant's a freaking Chiristmas miracle.  Is it wrong that it bothers me immensely that Michelle and Barack are the first people they told???

  • Sweet little Hailey is developing my personality...the dark side.  She is mean.  She has horrible dirty looks.  She presses buttons until the person absolutely freaks out (Sister can attest that this comes from me).  That person mainly being her brother.  Last night, she hit him twice because he wouldn't let her read his book.  She refused to go to time-out when told.  She finally went and on her way past him, slapped him on the top of the head.  I have to say, she got a swat on the a$$ for that one.  She howled and was so pissed.  She kept yelling, "you hurt my tushieeeeee."  Damn right...

  • Matt climbed out of his crib this week and landed flat on his back.  We're screwed.

  • Hailey followed up by saying, "I no see Melton (her teacher) until Monday."  She's right too...Monday is when she'll go back to preschool.  Seriously...who raised these kids???

  • A 2-hour delay used to mean falling back to sleep, but now it means, let the Crazies sleep as long as possible b/c the Kids' Zone opens late and I don't want to have to entertain them until then! 

  • Favorite Christmas memory of the year...all of us dancing around the kitchen singing Dominick the is hysterical!  (Matt says "See Saw See Saw" rather than "Hee Haw" and it's too cute)
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