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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Say What Wednesday...

Mommy:  Maybe we'll plant a garden this summer again.
Matt:  Put seeds in the ground and they grow.
Hailey:  I want corn!
Mommy:  We don't have enough space for corn!  What do we need to give the plants to grow?
Hailey:  Sun!
Mommy:  Yes, and what else?

Confused looks, but they are concentrating as though they're wracking their brains for the right answer.

Mommy:  What do you take your bath in every night?
Hailey:  TOYS!!!


I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready, talking to Husband who was in another room trying to entertain himself b/c he wasn't allowed to watch football b/c Matt had commandeered the TV in the living room to watch Rudolph (run-on sentence, much?).

Me:  Blah, blabbity, blah, blah...
Husband:  Yeah, whatever.
Me:  What veg do you want with the chicken parm?
Husband:  blah, blah, blah, beans...
Me:  Okay, are you okay (see how I really care about his feelings when he is without his beloved football)?
Matt (yelling):  MOMMY BE QUIET!!!!!
Me (with WTF look on my face):  Excuuuuse me?
Husband:  Hahahahahahaaaaa...(walks upstairs to watch football)


Daddy:  Hailey told me she didn't love me tonight.
Mommy:  What?  That's not very nice.  Hailey, do you love Mommy?
Hailey:  No.
Mommy:  Do you love Matt?
Hailey:  No.
Mommy:  Do you love G.G.?
Hailey:  No.
Mommy:  Do you love chocolate?
Hailey:  No.
Mommy:  Do you love...(got interrupted)
Hailey:  Wait...I love chocolate.

At least she has her priorities in order.


Walking out of preschool after their Christmas show.

Daddy:  Hailey, why didn't you sing?
Hailey:  I na yike my bells.
Daddy:  Um...okay.

Can't argue with a girl that doesn't like her bells.  BTW, Matt spent the entire performance rolling around on the floor while Hailey basically looked like she was there to watch everyone else.  Neither of them sang a lick!


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