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Sunday, December 26, 2010

First Day of Santa's Vacation, Christmas Hangover, and Sunday Senses

It's's all over.

We're all hung over...Santa included.

Actually, Santa's probably drunk in the Bahamas somewhere...wouldn't you be???  Mrs. Claus is probably reminding him to use sunscreen while he's happily roasting himself on the beach.  Good for him.
The Crazies were so done that they had lunch at 11:30 and were down for naps by 1:00.  That's pretty rare in these parts.  

God, why the hell did I just slip into a Southern accent?  "These parts?"  Who the hell am I?

It was awesome.  Matt loved his train table...had to be coaxed to open up all of his presents.  Hailey was in love with her doll house, but is paying more attention to her trike.  She opened all of her presents in 12.2 seconds...and was trolling for more.

Every time she gets on her tricycle, she puts her helmet on and pounds the top of it like a football player trying to get psyched up for the big game.

I'm exhausted...that's what faking your way through all of Christmas with a horrible head cold will do to you!

We ate, we laughed, we drank, we played, we read, we slept, we watched movies, we ate, we fought, we cried, we fell down, we played through Wii injuries (and by "we," I mean me).

All the makings of a good hangover.

Do I have pictures?  Yes, I have pictures.  I already posted them on FB, but am too freaking lazy to do it here yet.  I'll get to it.  I know...I's so much easier to read blogs that are all pictures when you're hungover, right?  That's also not really reading, suckas!

Okay, whatever...let's do something easy since we're all hungover...Sunday Senses:

I see a computer monitor, my wonderful tree, and football.
I smell nothing...I'm freaking sick, remember?
I hear Husband trying to tell me about something disgusting while I desperately try not to hear it.
I feel warmth.  I don't know if I'm really happy or if I have a fever...probably a fever!
I taste remnants of a sugar cookie that I happily doused in icing.

Tell me what your senses are experiencing? 

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