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Monday, December 27, 2010

Getting Out, Reorganizing, and Stuffers

Gawd, I love throwing things away.

As my family sits in snow in the NE, I was faced with a very windy day, but

We all did.

It was a mob mentality.
This Crazy was about to take her baby doll on a tricycle ride sans helmet...pulling a Brittney Spears is grounds to get the hell out of the house!!!

This Crazy tried to deny putting the dollhouse Mommy on the toilet and saying she was "pooping."  Yeah, his face is innocent, but don't but it!  It's a farce!!!

We went to the gym for a while and spent the rest of the day inside.  I love having Husband home means only one set of hands to wash, only one child to wrestle into the car, only one child to coerce into their seat at it!
Yes, he is freaking vacuuming the stairs to the basement...could you love him any more???

Oh, he went grocery shopping too...he rocks!

So, as the day wound down, I decided to clear off our last remaining high chair.  We're going to give it to the in-laws eventually for our nephew-to-be to use at their house.  This high chair has recently become a dumping ground for anything and everything.

I am currently using it as my very own desk!

So, something had to be done.  It's an eyesore and I'm getting to the point in the holiday season where I just want to throw everything out the back door!

I got through a good amount.  
  • I organized the letters from Kelvin (our sponsored kid from Kenya).  
  • I sent an article that I had been holding for a friend (since June...Amy, watch your mail).  
  • I threw away a bunch of expired coupons.  
  • I filed a bunch of recipes that I want a try (Twix cheesecake...yes please!).
  • I found the email list from our preschool and tried to FB stalk the parents (I have a good reason...Hailey is starting dance in a couple of weeks and I have no idea where to get her "uniform").  I could only find like two of them though...neither being the ones I needed.  Annoying...stupid privacy settings.
  • I opened the Nikon D5000 For Dummies book and really need to pick it up and start reading it.  After all, I got this camera in March and should really be better at using it by now.
  • I am really getting my shit in order, huh?

Then I started thinking about the stocking stuffers that Husband got for me.  A package of really really dark chocolate (that didn't taste so good until we melted it a little bit and sprinkled it with salt).  A pack of gum (guess I have morning breath on Christmas morning).  Sharpies (lovelovelove).  Refills for my label maker (doesn't get much better).  These may not be the romantic stuffers you envisioned, but they really are my rendition of Heaven.  Office supplies and candy...nothing better.

My favorite office device on top of my favorite doesn't get much better.

Anyone else reorganizing or purging?  Do you love it?  Or hate it?

Because Everyone Else Did and I Never Did...

He truly is "Santatastic."