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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Our afternoon craft (that Matthew insisted was only for snowy days...whatever...go with it, kid and sit in your damn seat!)
Okay, we're going to do something crafty...everyone show me how happy you are!  (Hailey totally bought into it b/c she loves this shit, but Matt was not 100% on board)

Ummm...Ma?  Did we just make Big Bird's penis?  This was not what I had in mind!

Ooooh!  So fluffy!  I yike it!

See?  This is my Purple Lady.

Apparently this is my "dog."  Looks like a dog, right?  What's that?  You concur with the "Big Bird's Penis" theory?  Yeah...thank God I'm not the only one.

My Purple Lady can fly!  (this is what she does when I tell her to pose with her Fuzzoodle)  Thank God she's cute!

Then I gave the "dog" some arms...much more realistic now, right?

Do you see Matt's face in the background?  He's like, "hey, why doesn't Hailey's Fuzzoodle look like a muppet penis?  WTF???"

In all seriousness, these things were pretty cool.  They were a Christmas gift from Sister and BIL and I'm pretty sure they'll last forever (they're like the most glorified pipe cleaners I have ever seen).  I wish they came with more accessories (feet, eyes, lips, etc) b/c we could make a whole freaking village.

So, that's how we spent an evening over our Christmas "vacation."  How does a vacation end up being more work for me?  I miss preschool!!!  I won't make it through the Summer!!!  

Now Hailey's up my butt to play Candyland and while I really want to (b/c it's cute and I like licking the pieces), I don't want to be the only adult present...we'll wait for Husband.  Maybe it will be our kick off to animals, we ain't!