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Friday, December 31, 2010

To Resolve...or Not to Resolve...That Is The Question...

If you've been reading for a while, you'll know that I'm not really big into New Year's Eve.  I don't get standing in the freezing cold to watch a ball drop (God, balls are being dropped all the time in my house...that's what she said).  I don't get making resolutions only to know you're going to fail yourself.  I just don't get it.  

I wrote about it in this post last year...God, I was bitter, huh?

Rather than making resolutions, I decided to make a list of things that I would either continue to do or stop doing.  Here's the list and I have added my comments just in case you're wondering how this went for me:

  • I will continue to get to the gym 3 times a week (when possible) - DONE!!!  Except when Knee fucked me over and I had to get an operation...blah.  Otherwise, this one would have been awesome!
  • I will continue to try to organize my house. - freaking way.  Although we do make monthly donations of our "stuff" and have lots of "plans."
  • I will continue to bake more (I actually like this new "hobby"). - DONE!  I'm getting pretty awesome at this.  If you read my 2010 Firsts post, you'll know that I actually involved myself with holiday cookie baking.  Go me!
  • I will continue to try to expose my kids to more things regardless of the weather (I am very weather-driven...I won't do thing if the weather is bad and that makes me suck as a mother). - Ummm...yeah, no...I guess I suck as a mother...however, I did bring them to school when it was raining and snowing.  SUCCESS!!!
  • I will stop making excuses when I don't want to put my clothes really doesn't take that long at all.  FAIL!!!  There is a pile on my dresser as I type this that rivals Mt. Sinai...that's a real mountain, right?  Not just a hospital, right?  God, that would be embarrassing!
  • I will stop putting myself down for my physical ain't so bad.  DONE!  It is what it is and I'm pretty happy with things.
  • I will stop putting off making phone calls (I hate the phone with a passion, but I feel like I'm falling out of touch with people).  FAIL!  I suck.
  • I will stop thinking I can do it all and let some things go...I have to...much too stressful!  DONE!  Granted, some people hate me, but they'll come back...they always come back.

So, there you have it...I was pretty much successful at doing all of the things that I was currently doing.  Wait...that's not really a success, is it?  More of a "status quo" thing, right?  Whatever...I tried.

So, are you sitting there with bated breath wondering if I'm going to make any "resolutions" this year?  I'll bet you are.

I am.

I'm caving.

If I don't get it down in black and white, it'll never happen.

I'm only making two though, so don't wet your pants.

  1. Be more diligent about remembering and actually sending birthday cards.  I kind of suck at can ask Cousin.  She is constantly giving me a rash of shit b/c she's so awesome at it and I suck.
  2. Get better at meal planning.  Okay, this is actually possible (not that #1 isn't possible, but come on...I'll probably give that up around August.  See?  Planning to fail!).  I was browsing around the internet recently and happened upon Williams Sonoma website.  One thing led to another and I found myself barely conscious drooling all over my Mac!  Wait...that didn't actually happen!  I did surprise myself by thinking of sending those yummy croissants that Oprah touted on her Favorite Things show to my Nana.  Then I found this really cool Family Meal Planner (you have to scroll down a little bit to see it...wouldn't link directly) and while I won't use every single piece of it, I do find it useful.  Then I found myself lamenting about lunches and hating all of my current ideas and happened upon this site which is based around the Bento Box idea of lunches.  I'm sort of in love with this.  So, I'll get better at this, right?  I mean, just saying it makes it true, right???
There you have successes and failures over the past year as well as my BIG PLANS for 2011.  Happy New Year to all of you...thanks for your comments and support over my blog.  Looking forward to big things in 2011!!!