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Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • The other day, we were on our way to BJ's an and accident happened right behind us.  You know...the kind of accident where you're pretty sure you're about to be involved and then the car stops like a millimeter from your bumper.  The Crazies were with me, so The Crash of 2011 has been a big deal around our house.
  • You may wonder why I'm telling you about a car accident that didn't happen.
  • It's because I have gotten really good at curbing my cursing...I say things like "what the bejeezus?"  "holy cannoli!!"  "you're a piece of work, you know that kid?!?!?!"
  • It still didn't stop Matt from shouting out his really bad word in BJ's the other day...oh.em.gee...I nearly died (and kind of thought it was funny b/c that's the kind of slacker Mom that I am).
  • If you're new here or forget what the really bad word was, please click the link and listen up.  Oh, and make sure all small children, elderly ladies, and priests have left the vicinity because it is a doozy.
  • Then he says, "oh, Mommy...I said a bad word...that's not nice."  No shit, kid...

  • I am starting to hate diapers, but can't get over my fear of potty training.  It is seriously going to interrupt my life.  I don't know if I'm ready for that.
  • I'd better get over myself really quick though b/c they need to be potty trained by the time they start school again...
  • Matt's going to be fine...Hailey is going to give me a rash of shit.  It's amazing...this girl is just like me.
  • Remember, I'm the c-section victim that didn't want them to remove the catheter b/c it was so much easier not to have to get up to use the bathroom.
  • Who wants to keep a catheter in???  This girl...and I still feel that way!  LOL

  • I buy all of my clothes from one store, so I feel like a dick when I go shopping I'm a walking mannequin...or a groupie.

  • I am getting a pedicure on Father's Day...does that make me the worst wife, or what?  
  • I have to toenail is falling off and my "nail technician," Christine is the only one who can handle such a tragedy.
  • Husband seems cool about it...maybe he just wants some serious "off time."

  • I have made my bed every single day this week.
  • I have not folded one basket of laundry.

  • Husband is running another race tomorrow...a 10-miler.  He's a rock star and his abs are as flat as can be...can't believe I'm jealous of my husband's body.
  • I did go to the gym 4 times this week though...spin, balls and weights, strength yoga, and spin.  That kind of makes ME feel like a rock star.
  • That also kind of makes Knee feel like Mick can remember what it feels like to have a good time, it tries to participate in the partying, but ends up feeling like shit the next day.
If you're up for it, unload your mind's useless fodder with Danifred...she keeps my weekends "fodder free."

PS - Much apologies for being totally behind on blog reading...I am NOT going to his "mark all as read."  I will catch up.

PPS - Ditto for answering comments...I'm pretty much sucking at that too!


Manda said...

haha i walked into loft the other day and everything i had on was loft! i felt like a dork but jeff says it was a good thing! maybe i should have started folding t-shirts or something...i probably looked like a worked there.

i haven't made my bed or folded laundry this week...but my cleaning lady did. what a snob i am!

i need a pedi toenail is almost off. yuck.

Laura said...

What's this "making bed" thing you speak of? haha - same question for the laundry

Becky said...

I don't think my bed EVER gets made - that might be because my husband doesn't get up until after I do, but all the same... and I haven't done laundry in almost 2 weeks either... :) Have fun getting your pedicure!

Deb said...

I completely understand not wanting to take the catheter out! I was the same way! It hurt WAY too much to get up and walk to the bathroom.

Lisa said...

For some reason, I hate making the bed. I don't mess it up that much, but John does. So I feel like he should do it. It's so pointless.

Barbara Manatee said...

I WISH I could get rid of diapers...but Adam is still terrified of the toilet so no luck getting him in undies any time soon. ugh! Sarah was potty trained by this age and Jacob was very close...we haven't even been able to start with Adam. :-(

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I was just complimenting myself the other day (somebody has to, right?!) on how well I'm doing with NOT saying naughty words! Once upon a time, I was such a sailor [as I think you and I have discussed...especially when I worked in a restaurant...]. Now it's [mostly] second-nature to say, "D'oh!" or "Grrrr!" when I inevitably run my toe or elbow into something.

Well done, Mama!

Oh, and I always feel a slight bit goofy when I shop somewhere, and realize I'm wearing pants and a shirt from that same store. ;)

strongblonde said...

i'm already freaked about potty training. b bought some potty chairs and set them up around the house. i let them sit out for almost a week, then put them all away and hid them. he hasn't mentioned it at all. i wonder if he forgot?? it's way too early, imo

maybe he thinks that you getting a pedi will result in you not having a freaky looking toe? ;) that still benefits him, right?

and GREAT job at the gym! that's totally awesome! i want a weights and balls class!!

Mandy said...

I totally rock for ordering potties already! That's right! I own potties before they hit two!! I'm totally afraid to use them too. I know they are going to piss everywhere, including on me.

Suddenly I'm glad I married "down"! My DH can't touch this body!! I'm a bad wife. 10 miles is for the birds, we're doing a 1-mile NICU walk and I'm hoping for rain...

You get a gold star for the pedi on Father's Day! Stick it to him!! LOL!

Christina said...

My hubby is quite the hotness too. We motivate each other, which is awesome. =)

Don't stress about the potty training...remember what I said! =)

Alex was talking on her phone today, and all of a sudden we heard her say bitch...then she said it again, and once more. Damn I have to watch my mouth!

Carrie27 said...

Potty training sucks as much as changing a shitty diaper. If you don't have the time to be home and only home for at least a week or the patience, there just isn't a point. When we attempted with K we started and stopped like 8 times because I didn't have the patience to deal with it.

You are not alone with the catheter, for serious.

Sarah said...

I should totally be doing potty training since I'm home all the time right now. But Mikey really isn't in to it. Still screams at the sight of it.

And I can empathize with the blog post reading. My current unread number is over 350. But I can't hit the read all. What if there is a life changing post that someone wrote?

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

potty training is my least favorite thing to do with kids. They have all the control and I am left freaking worried that they will pee on the furniture. yeah hold off, until you are ready to tackle.
4 times at the gym, wow, want to come kick my butt into gear?

Danifred said...

I refuse to embrace this potty training crap. I can't even imagine doing it double time.

I really need the Loft to get it's butt in gear. What's going on with the sizes there now? Sheesh.

Leslie Collins said...

I am not looking forward to potty training again.

All of our laundry is clean, but sitting baskets in my room. It is funny how nobody seems to notice it but me!!!

andrea said...

i am jealous of your husbands body... just the mention of "flat abs" is enough to make me cry a little inside
also? balls and weights just sounds wrong... but I am sure it makes you very fit...

potty training. I am gearing myself up for this as well but really, I don't wannnnnaaaaaa