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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Very Own "Rocking" New Year's Eve

Yeah, so we rang in the new year by playing Kinect on top of my couch (the floor was too close).  That's always good when you're only 4 months out of knee surgery and your P.T. tells you the last thing you should be doing is jumping around on uneven's like he had a crystal ball!

We also had some champagne, tried to decipher the difference between Brut and semi-dry,  and were dumbfounded at Jersey Shore...God, why did I ever stop watching that show??  It's like a train wreck!

Here is a quick (4 seconds...hit the damn play button) video of what the Crazies wanted to share:

Now, my observations of several New Year's Eve television specials.

  1. Can we please get rid of Dick Clark?  I know he's an icon and no one can imagine doing it without him, but really???  Does it really warm your heart to watch him anymore?  I just feel bad for him.  Maybe I'm coldhearted, but I just can't do it anymore.
  2. Found a new test to calibrate my Gay-dar...ask the person you're sitting next to the names of New Kids On The Block or Backstreet Boys...if they know (or are too busy singing along to answer your questions), you have your answer.  Husband confirmed my suspicions...:)  Love you, Honey!!!
  3. Carson Daly has the hairiest hands I have ever seen.  Oh, and why was he standing like it was cold out?  It wasn't...stop crossing your arms.  That's very negative body language.  Jennifer Love Hewitt is probably so glad she broke up with you, Mr. Negativity!
  4. Where is Joey Fatone?  He could totally rock out a New Year's Eve celebration!  I love him...
  5. If you were watching Ryan Seacrest, you may have noticed this...his hands looked HUGE!!!  They just didn't seem proportional to the rest of his body.  I don't know if he was rocking oversized gloves or what, but I wonder if what they say about big hands is true!  Now I'm more intrigued by him than I ever have been before.  Kinda wishing he'd pull a Brett Farve!  Then we'd all know...
  6. Husband just about fell off the couch when I asked him "there was a black dude in NKOTB?"  Nope...just overly tan.  I just don't get that look at all.
  7. Please tell me I didn't see NKOTB and some horrible looking rock chick who didn't even know the words to New York, New York by Frank should be ashamed horrible looking rock chick attempting the CanCan on national television!!!  You are married with are embarrassing your families!!!
  8. If you're over 40 years old, please don't open mouth kiss on television.  PLEASE!!!
  9. The chick who hosted the MTV celebration was awesome.  I only caught part of the beginning and most of the end (does that even make sense?), but she had me hooked.  My favorite line was, "MTV is very nervous about what will come out of my mouth tonight.  My gynecologist is even more nervous about what's going in it!!!"
So, how did you all ring in the new year??  
Oh, and is it me, or do you just get annoyed by all the people who get all reflective around this time of year.  Maybe if you did that more throughout the year, you wouldn't have so many regrets right now.