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Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Was Raised on Jane Fonda

I was watching good ole Oprah the other day and she had Jane Fonda on her show.

Jane (yes, we're on a first name basis...she just doesn't know it yet) was a big part of my pre-teen to teenage life.

G.G. (a.k.a. my mother) would purchase Jane's fitness tapes.  Sister and I would occasionally pull out one of those tapes and try a work out.  Jane's thighs were impossibly small and her leotards were ridiculous.  We would giggle about her leg warmers (as our braces and blue mascara were so much cooler).  For as entertaining as we though Jane was, there was a little part of me that always wanted to be like her...maybe without the thong leotard making its way between my ass cheeks!

As she spoke to Miss Oprah, she mentioned that she was in the Third Act of her life.

First Act - to age 29 (God, those years were nutty, huh?)
Second Act - 30 to 59 (she says these are the most difficult)
Third Act - 60+ (she says these are the best yet)

She was very open about having some plastic surgery done because she said her outsides didn't match her insides.   She didn't think it was fair that she felt so great on the inside (damn her) and had bags and all the other crap that women typically deal with on the outside.  It wasn't how she felt, so why should it be how she looked?  

I think she's my new hero.

As I watch many of these women...women who were prominent figures in my yesteryear...I love to watch them age.  So many of them are doing it gracefully, but more than that, they're not making apologies.  Is this really what aging is all about?  Realizing that you can be the person that you really are without feeling bad or trying to make anyone else happy?  Well, that's freaking awesome!  

Not that I haven't been doing that for a while now, but seriously...I think I'm kind of in love with the idea!  Wait, if I've been doing this for a while now, does that mean I'm aging too?  Or does it just mean that I have to start admitting it?

I look to many women as role models for growing older...maturing, if you will.  As I thought about it yesterday, here's my take on myself right now.  I'm still pretty damn immature (poop/fart jokes send me into hysterics, I love to scare people around corners, and I still get giddy coloring with Hailey).  However, as I age, I am finding that my experience and innate intelligence is coming to the forefront.  I am really starting to see things for what they are...and accepting those that I cannot change (isn't that in the bible or something?).

It's kinda nice.

What women did you grow up with?  How are they gracefully aging or setting an example for you?

Quick Sunday Senses:

Feel - yummy NY Giants sweatshirt - cozy
Hear - Matt and Hailey lightly kicking the walls upstairs as Matt hugs (and makes speak) his new Thomas stuffy.  BIL sneezing downstairs.  Dog's nails being way too long for a hardwood floor.
See - Christmas tree...kind of want to take it down today...kind of don't.
Taste - coffee...natch.
Smell - nothing...I'm pretty sure I'm still sick.