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Monday, January 3, 2011

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Makes My Monday: Surprise the Crazies!!!

We told the Crazies we had a surprise for them, but wouldn't tell them what it was.

We drove into "the city" (I can't really call any city The City unless it's NYC) and Matt was enthralled with the "steam" (what the rest of us would call smokestacks and pollution).

We found a place to park and started wheeling them in...parked the stroller and waited to be among the first to enjoy The Aquarium.

They loved are a few of my faves and they totally make my Monday!

Hugging the bubbles (notice Hailey's HUGE hand)


Chatting with the Elephants

Spent a good amount of time agape at what they were seeing

Completely enthralled by what's coming next...
Wouldn't you be?

Don't know why I love this one so much
Too excited to see what's next to pose for a picture with Mom
Seriously, the whole day was great.  They listened, held our hands, were interested, were polite, ate like humans (at the Cheesecake Factory...holla!), and were just wonderful.  When we were getting ready for bed, Hailey said, "Thank you for my Surprise!!!"  One of my best days yet with the Crazies...I used to balk at people who said it would get easier.  I get it now.

Thanks to Cheryl for allowing me to show off my awesome day!