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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dear Dumbass,

I see you out there...walking your big huge dog (that just peed all over my mailbox, thank you very much).  I know you think it's cute how interested your dog is in mine - who happens to be behind glass in my private residence for a very good reason - ummm...she's insane.  I'm sure that you're getting amusement out of the way that my dog is "talking" to your dog and how pathetic she looks (like she has no friends).  I'm very glad we could be your source of entertainment for the afternoon.

Here's what you don't seem to realize though, Dumbass.  I have napping twins upstairs.  They are tired.  Shit, I am tired.  Let us rest!!!  Stop walking back and forth in front of my house with that big stupid grin on your big stupid face!!!  Walk on, Woman and leave us to our naps.

Oh, and you'd better be happy that by the time that I arose from my vertigo induced nap (which only lasted 10 minutes thanks to you, your silly games, and your stupid oversized canine), that you kept walking after your fourth time of instigating my dog.  I was about to open my front door and let you have it.

But I fell over.

Woman Who Should Not Have a Talking Dog

PS - Title of my first book "Staying Vertical with Vertigo:  If I Can Do It, You'd Better Get Off Your Ass Too."

PPS - Someone just let their car alarm start beeping...I'd kick their ass too...if I could get off the floor.  FML.

PPPS - I'm being dramatic.


PPPPPS - If you've reconsidered linking to Whatcha Reading Wednesday, I'm leaving the linky-thing open for a week!

Little Things That Make Me Stupid Excited and Schedules

I love that Meghan does this on her blog.  I'm so glad that other people get stupid excited like makes life worth living!

I have a few things that are making me stupid excited right now...let's see if I can get this down into words.

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G.G. gave me my first Pandora bracelet for Christmas and I think I'm hooked...she got me a single of the one above, Husband, Crazies, and Sister got me some charms and I love it.  Now I just need the double bracelet with this ropey looking's so damn pretty in person!

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I totally asked for these and MIL delivered.  They're measuring cups!  Can you believe it???  Measuring cups that are so adorable that I can barely think of filling them with flour or sugar or anything!  They're currently sitting on my windowsill and we "talk" to them as we're washing our hands.  They're our ba-bush-kas (spelling is probably horrific, but what can I say?  I'm hooked on phonics)

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In my never ending quest to make the Crazies eat more, I have come across these little doo dads.  Aren't they cute?  They're really easy to use too and I do declare that the Crazies are eating a little more...just a little.  They can even pick up Booty and strawberries with these little suckers!!!

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This is the last thing...I bought these for several reasons.  They're adorable.  They're fun.  I can put things in that order.  They're also reusable and seem like they'll last forever (if Matt doesn't steal all of them for his Legos).  I love them and am stupid excited over them.  I use them to put fruit in (if there is a chance the fruit could touch hot eggs and be ruined) or dipping sauces.  They are awesome.

Now, on to our schedule.  Every now and then, I like to get our schedule down on this blog so that I can refer to it when I need to.  A few friends have contacted me lately about scheduling and with the fact that they're having twins and I just like to have this down in case.  Apparently, I also like run on sentences.

Our schedule at 2 years old:

7:30 - 8:00 - wake up
8:00 - 9:00 - breakfast and morning duties (for me...not the Crazies...they just sit there and eat)
9:00 - 9:30 - leave house (activities include school (Mon&Tues), gym, shopping, library, playdates)
11:30 - return to house and play
12:00 - 1:00 - lunch
1:00 - 1:30 - play or read
1:30 - head upstairs
1:30 - 2:00 - read books upstairs to wind down before naps...if they're really tired, they'll go straight to sleep
2:00 - 4:00 - naps
4:00 - 5:30 - wake up, snacks, errand (if necessary), play, watch program on TV, fight, scream, flip out because Christmas lights come on (what am I gonna I do when we take them down?)
5:30 - 6:30 - dinner
6:30 - 7:00 - play, clean up, read, hang out
7:00 - 7:30 - bath time (a.k.a. Mommy's Personal Corner of Hell)
7:30 - 7:45 - read, play, run, stare at Christmas lights out of the window
7:45 - 8:00 - get Crazies into bed, do 50,000,000 things that they "need" before they'll get tucked in, kisses, "I love you's," and music.

So, there you have it...pretty simple, right?