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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Awarded...back in the spotlight!

The Trendy Treehouse

Well, Lucky Lou!  I got an award...from an awesome chicka over at Stepping on Cheerios (thank you, thank you, thank you)! 

Apparently I'm slightly trendy in my corner of the Internet...funny how I never realized that being a wiseass was trendy.  

Guess it is! 

Go me!

So, now I'm supposed to give this award to other bloggers that I secretly (or not so secretly love) and we'll all be friends for life!  BTW, if you've already gotten this award, there is no pressure to double up...just accept it as my little love poem and be on your way!

Here goes (in no particular order):

My Life as Described by Twin Trials and Triumphs

 Oh For Pete's Sake

1, 2, 3, Blog

My Sweet Life

Are You Listening?

Is There Any Mommy Out There?

Life With Riley Easter, like the bunny...

It's a Crazy, Beautiful Life...

Sippy Cups Are Not For Starbucks

Things I Can't Say

And, of course, Sister's blog What Was I Thinking???

Gawd, that's a lot!  I need to get a life...for serious.

Either way, even if I am a loser, you ladies have let me into your lives and it means a lot.  I lean on you for things that surprise me and things that don't.   I appreciate your honesty and your experience more than I can express. 

Enough with the sappiness...I'm being called upon to contribute to two blogs this month and I'm kind of freaking out.  While I don't want to come across like a bitch, I do have a lot to say.  Maybe I'll just stick to what I know...after all, honesty is what you love about me, right?  (If you say it's my boobs, I'll like you twice as much)

Consider yourself awarded, ladies!!!  Love ya! 


P.S. - I'd really like a "button."  Does anyone know how I can achieve this lofty goal?  I want to be one of the cool kids!