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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Port Discovery with Matt and Hailey

Papa came all the way from New York (sing it like Alicia Keys!) to come see us.  He brought us some cool presents and took Mommy to have sushi.  He said she ate a lot for such a little person...she sure loves her sushi.

The next day, we had another surprise!  We're starting to think that surprises are pretty awesome.

We had an awesome time at the Port Discovery Museum even though Mommy parked in the wrong parking garage and we had to walk in the freezing cold to get least we had our cool paw mittens from Aunt Manda to keep our hands warm...BRRRR!!!

Mommy took a bunch of pictures, but said that she didn't feel like editing (what the hell is "editing?") all of the, so we made a few collages.

  1. Our "Police Picture"
  2. Papa in the mummy's tomb...what a funny face!
  3. The Crazies leading the way!
  4. We were actually working together.
  5. Hailey happy and Matt scared...we spent most of our time in "Egypt" like this.  Matt was not a fan.
  6. Playing with the awesome Lego/block tables!

  1. Hailey driving the train.
  2. Hailey in charge of the map - God help us all - we may never get out of Egypt!
  3. Hailey sliding down the Bob the Builder slide.
  4. Hailey on the move!  She can really run in those silver boots!
  5. Hailey driving the digger!
  6. Hailey having a great time at the food store.  She really knows how to pick good produce!

  1. Matt being pushed across the Nile.
  2. Matt not enjoying the scary sounds in the Mummy's tomb.
  3. Pretty sure there were signs all over encouraging kids not to climb on the trucks.
  4. Matt putting together puzzles...his talent.
  5. Matt lining up all of his Bob the Builders.
  6. Matt looking like a big boy.

There were these awesome climbing things in the middle of the museum and when we get old enough, Mommy said we can go on them.  They go all the way from the first floor to the third floor...with nets, ramps, slides, mats, zip lines, and all sorts of awesome things!  It was looking at these things that led Mommy to agree to see a doctor about her vertigo.

It's true...things like this made her swoon...and not in a good way.
So, that was our trip to the Port Discover Museum.  It was so awesome and we got to go to our favorite place after that - PANERA!!!!  We love that place and their Mac & Cheese!  Papa showed us some awesome lions outside a place called the Capital Grille...Mommy said they have good food.  We didn't care.  The lions were awesome.  Then he teased her about keeping us awake on the way home, but she did it and we took a long nap after that!  We were tired from all of that running around!

Thanks for a great time, Papa!!