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Friday, January 14, 2011

52 Weeks of Me? Yes Please and Thank You Very Much!


Dolli-Mama is hosting this little party and I'm attending!  It's official...52 weeks of me...can't get much better.

Okay, so here's what I was able to give myself amidst colds, vertigo, and various other kid-related crap.

Week #1:  Hair cut and good conversation with Hair Dresser.
Week #2:  Manicure...anyone tried this gel stuff?  I love it and it lasts!

I hadn't really planned the manicure, but I was dejected from vertigo, came home to make my doctor's appointment, and decided that I needed a little pampering.  It was so worth it.  Now my world is still spinning, but my nails look nice!

Oh, and I also decided to book a mini-facial for next month.  Planning ahead on my pampering...everyone needs a little something to look forward to!

What have you done for yourself this week?  If your answer is "hmmm...who me?" or "why would I do something for myself?" then you need to get on this.  For serious...

Oh, and it's time to expose, don't take off your clothes for God's sake! know you want to!

Friday Night Leftovers - The "What Does REM Sleep Feel Like Again?" Edition

  • I seriously lie awake at night wondering why the Crazies would want to kill me.  I feed them, change them, play with them, do things for them, and yet, they're still trying to kill me.
  • We have had a serious lack of REM sleep in this house for about a week now...and
  • When I say "we," I mean "me" because Husband "can't hear" the babies on his side of the bed because the heat is too loud.
  • Okay, Buddy...
  • Yes, I should probably let them cry it out, but they're sick.  I hate CIO when they're sick.  I just feel that when they're sick I should be a little more understanding.
  • Yeah...written in black and white, that sounds pretty stupid to me too.
  • Maybe I should adopt the Chinese method of mothering.  I'm pretty sure I have it in me.
  • It was only Matt waking up, but now Hailey has joined in...her reasoning isn't as desperate at Matt (who really can't breathe sometimes and also has night terrors)...nooooo...she wants lotion.  Or she wants to be tucked in...WTF????!!!!????
  • Poor Matt really can't breathe though, so as soon as I hear him having trouble, I rise from my incredibly light slumber, stumble in there, grab a tissue, and seemingly try to smother him with it.  Nice...take a kid who can't breathe and pinch his nose shut with a tissue.  That won't send him into a panic at all!  No wonder he's trying to kill me...he probably thinks I'm trying to kill HIM!
  • The sad thing is, I usually can't find his nose on the first try, so I'm just repeatedly grabbing different parts of his face.  No wonder he has night terrors.
  • At one point last night, Husband raised his head slightly to a child-noise and said, "I'm up."  Here are the things that flew through my head:  "who cares?" "you're too late."  "go back to yourself!!"  "well then why aren't you on your feet?" AND "who cares?"
  • This has to end.
  • I have to break this vicious cycle.
  • Abuse is cyclical...if I don't stop it now, they'll just keep doing it.
  • Oh, and we're going away this weekend...kill me now.
  • OMG...they're awake RIGHT NOW!!!
  • Oh don't live here.  You're not's just me.

Thanks to Danifred for hosting this ridiculous outpouring of emotions...I'm not sure she would actually support it or consider it appropriate to FNL, but she gave me a forum and, dammit, I'm going to use it!