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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Freaky Food Shit

  • I am obsessed with these...they're the most awesome thing in the entire world that isn't human.

  • Or maybe things that are human...depends on the day.

  • I am sick of eating.

  • I don't like potato chips anymore...WTF???

  •  I am finding the need to be Quality Control Officer of the Oreos in our house.  I am "testing" them before giving them to the Crazies.  After all, my kids only deserve the best and who am I to give them an Oreo that doesn't perfectly match up on all sides?

  • I am cutting back on coffee and alcohol...WTF?

  • Sister suggested it to help with the vertigo...I'll try anything at this point.

  • Apparently she hates me (or really loves me). LOL!!

  • Figures that my first night of no wine happens to be the night that Hailey decides to fall down the stairs.

  • No, she didn't really decide to do that.

  • Yes, she's fine.

  • Yes, I shat my pants. 

  • In other news, when I'm stressed, I turn toward salty, briney, marinated foods rather than chocolate.  What's what all about?  I love marinated mushrooms right out of the jar.  Pickles, olives, artichoke hearts, cocktail onions, anything like that.  Is there a name for that?  

  • After I imbibe in some marinated goodness, I start hunting for chocolate...literally hunting.

  • I spend so much time thinking about lunch for the Crazies that I end up with a frozen lunch...WTF?

  • I don't eat ice cream b/c I'm too lazy to fiddle with the spoon.

  • I can only drink seltzer anymore...flat water bores me.

  • Every week that I do something for myself (haircut, manicure, facial, etc), I am not getting sushi...I miss my sushi.  Money doesn't grow on trees though!  If it did, I would love Autumn...and raking...Spring and Summer would drive me nuts though b/c I'd just be waiting for my money to fall off the tree so I could spend it!

  • Weird tangent...

  • What are your weird food things?