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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bass Is Pumping

So, I'm convinced...the Crazies run an afterhours club from their bedroom.

It must be outfitted with loud booming music, lights, a fully stocked bar, restrooms that offer makeup to the underage, and lots of fist pumping.

Last night, as I tried to recover from the second day of having the Crazies in the house for the entire day (a rarity around here), all I heard was this:

The lights are on!
Woot woot (which I hate by the way...what does that even mean?)!!!!
Jump higher!!!

Now, does that sound anything resembling the two angels who should be drifting off to Dreamland to you?  Yeah...I didn't think so.

I stomped trudged my ass up there (interrupting my sushi, thank you very much) to find the two of them sweaty, out of breath, high on something (I think they call it "life"), and I'm pretty sure Hailey had eye shadow on...couldn't be sure.  The "lights" that they spoke of magically receded into the walls.

I felt like a narc.

I evenly said, "You need to go to sleep."

Followed with, "Why is everything out of your crib?"

Answered with, "I dance, Mommy!"

Pretty sure I saw Matt give Hailey's answer a fist pump out of the corner of my eye.

What 2-year old doesn't need a bigger dance floor?  I ask you...

I asked them both to lie down.  I made sure there was no foam or glitter or confetti in their beds and I closed the door (without even rearranging their stuffies of blankets...what kind of mother am I?).

They both started laughing their asses off.

They really felt that they got away with something.

I'm pretty sure Matt said, "Cheers!" to Hailey as I retreated to the loving embrace of my sushi.

So glad they felt victory.

Even more glad that I felt victory at 5:15 AM when they were "cold" and "confused" because all of their stuffies and blankets had been piled up at one end of their cribs in order to make room for dancing...a small smile might have crossed my lips as Husband went to take care of them and a wide awake Hailey said, "Hi Daddy!  Want a drink?  Did you get your hand stamped so you can get back in?"