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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Am I? Aren't I? Was I? Will I be?

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Sunday Senses...week of the "I got a boogie"

Seriously, if I hear that phrase screamed one more time from the Crazies' mouths, I'm going to flip my lid!!!!  What does that even mean?  "Flip my lid?" are my feelings...I'm all about feelings:

  • Sight - damn snow...I hate snow with the passion of a serial killer, last vitamin that I need to take, Christmas tree that the refuse company did NOT pick up yesterday, vacant placemats left by the Crazies.
  • Hear - Thomas (OMG...kill me sick of Thomas), Legos, Husband loving Thomas as much as the Crazies.
  • Feel - for some reason, my ass is cold, still full from last night's dinner out with Husband, a little spinny...vertigo is still hanging around (or could it be from the 2 glasses of glorious wine I had last night?).
  • Taste - tomato juice...I can only take vitamins with tomato juice...I'm weird.
  • Smell - remnants of breakfast...eggs, sausage, bagels...mmmmm...wait...did someone poop?  There goes those smells of loveliness! 
What are your feelings?  Come on...I really want to know (do I sound like a desperate high schooler trying to get laid?  Or what???)...all I ask is that you link back to me.  Enjoy your Sunday!!!